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Blocks are the components for adding content in the new WordPress block editor. There are several blocks available within WordPress that you can easily add to your post or page, move within a post or page and search for.

There are different ways to configure and work with these blocks. You can also install additional third party blocks from the WordPress block directory.

Below is a list of the blocks that are currently available within WordPress. We will be adding to this list as more blocks are added with each release.

The Block Inserter categorizes the blocks into 6 different types: Text, Media, Design, Widgets, Theme and Embeds.

Text Blocks

Media Blocks

Design Blocks

Widgets Blocks

Widget blocks

Theme Blocks

Embed Blocks

Learn more about the Embeds in this support article: Embeds.

Most Used Blocks

You will also find a Most Used blocks category which is not shown by default. This category will be visible only if you enable ‘Show most used blocks’ in your Preferences.

When enabled, the Most Used blocks category will be displayed right above the Text blocks category. It will list all the blocks that you used recently on your post or page.

Most Used blocks

The blocks that appear in the Most Used section will vary based on which blocks you used recently on your post or page.

Deprecated Blocks

The following blocks have been deprecated.

Deprecated blockSinceReplaced with / Renamed
Button block5.4Buttons block
Text Columns blockColumns block
Post Comment blockComments Query Loop block
Comments Query Loop blockComments block
Comment Author Avatar blockAvatar block


  • Updated 2024-05-02
    • Correct “Post Modified Date” link
  • Updated 2023-08-08
    • Remove reference to “Reusable Blocks”.
    • Add link to “Pinterest” block.
    • Add Details block page
    • Add Post Modified Date block page
  • Updated 2023-06-27
    • Updated link to the Avatar block page
  • Updated 2023-06-02
    • Added link to the Previous Post block page
  • Updated 2023-05-19
    • Added link to the Home Link block page
  • Updated 2023-05-18
    • Added link to the Avatar block page
  • Updated 2023-05-11
    • Added link to the Next Post block page
  • Updated 2023-02-14
    • Added link to the Submenu block page
  • Updated 2022-12-14
    • Added link to the Post Navigation Link block page
  • Updated 2022-12-12
    • Added link to the Page List block page
    • Added link to the Pagination block page
  • Updated 2022-12-11
    • Added link to the Custom Link block page
    • Fixed a formatting issue in the Comment block list
  • Updated 2022-12-02
    • Added link to the Posts List block page
  • Updated 2022-11-28
    • Added link to the Stack block page
  • Updated 2022-11-25
    • Added link for Pocket Casts Embed block page
  • Updated 2022-11-24
    • Added link for Row block page
  • Updated 2022-11-23
    • Added link for Post Template block page
  • Updated 2022-11-22
    • Added link to Post Comments Form page
    • Added link to Comments Title page
  • Updated 2022-11-21
    • Added link to Post Author page
  • Updated 2022-11-17
    • Added link to Search Results Title page
  • Updated 2022-11-11
    • Added link to the Amazon Kindle page
  • Updated 2022-09-17
    • Added Post Author Biography block page
  • Updated 2022-08-17
    • Added Comment Template, Comment Reply Link, and Comment Edit Link block pages.
  • Updated 2022-08-16
    • Added Embed Block page and also linked to Embeds article.
  • Updated 2022-08-09
    • Added a new section for the deprecated blocks
    • Added button, text column, and post comment block under the deprecated list.
  • Updated 2022-08-02
    • Added Comment Pagination Block page
    • Added Comment Content Block page
  • Updated 2022-07-25
    • Added Comments Date Block page
    • Added Comments Author Name Block page
    • Added list of blocks under Comments Query Loop block
  • Updated 2022-07-21
    • Updated the block categories, images, and the list of blocks for 6.0
    • Added Most Used blocks
    • Added section for Reusable Blocks with image
  • Updated 2022-07-18
    • Added Read More Block page
    • Added Wolfram Block page
    • Removed Block page
  • Updated 2022-06-29
    • Linked to Site Title Block page
    • Linked to Site Logo Block page
  • Updated 2022-04-04
    • Linked to Site Tagline Block page
  • Updated 2022-03-21
    • Linked to Post Content Block page
    • Linked to Post Date Block page
    • Linked to Post Tags Block page
    • Linked to Post Categories Block page
    • Linked to Post Excerpt Block page
  • Updated 2022-03-17
    • Linked to Post Featured Image Block page
    • Linked to Post Title Block page
  • Updated 2022-03-10
    • Added Archive Title block
  • Updated 2022-03-09
    • Added Term Description block
  • Updated 2022-01-05
    • Added Navigation block link
    • Added Template Part block link
  • Updated 2021-10-15
    • Added Buttons Block link
  • Updated 2021-07-07
    • Added Query Loop Block
  • Updated 2021-03-15
    • Added Vimeo Embed Block link
  • Updated 2020-11-25
    • Added Tumblr Block link
    • Added Social Links Block
  • Updated 2020-09-21
    • Added Group Embed Block link
  • Updated 2020-09-04
    • Added Reddit Embed Block link
  • Updated 2020-08-24
    • Added Cloudup Embed Block link
  • Updated 2020-08-17
    • Added Tag Cloud block
  • Updated 2020-08-13
    • Deleted Hulu, Funny or Die, and CollegeHumor Block listing
  • Updated 2020-7-27
    • Added Dailymotion Embed block link
    • Added Scribd Embed block link
    • Added Speaker Dec Embed block link
    • Added VideoPress Embed block link
  • Updated 2020-7-25
    • Added Issuu Embed block link
  • Updated 2020-7-24
    • Added Embed block link
    • Added Screencast Embed block link
  • Updated 2020-7-05
    • Added MixCloud Embed block link
    • Added TikTok Embed block link
    • Added ReverbNation block link
    • Added Crowdsignal block link
  • Updated 2020-7-02
    • Added SmugMug Embed block link
    • Added Animoto Embed block link
  • Updated 2020-06-30
    • Added Flickr Embed block link
  • Updated 2020-06-18
    • Added Slideshare Embed block link
  • Updated 2020-06-04
    • Added TED Embed block link
    • Added Spotify Embed block link
    • Added Meetup Embed block link
    • Added Instagram Embed Block link
    • Added SoundCloud Embed Block link
  • Updated 2020-05-25
    • Added WordPress Embed Block link
  • Updated 2020-04-28
    • Added Links to Calendar Block and Category Widget Blocks
  • Updated 2020-04-24
    • Added links to Block category headers
  • Updated 2020-04-22
    • Added link to new Twitter embed page
  • Updated 2020-04-21
    • Added link to new YouTube embed page
  • Updated 2020-04-20
    • Changed date format from mm/dd/yyyy to yyyy-mm-dd
    • Added link to new Facebook Embed page
    • Added screenshots from Inserter Embed Category
  • Updated 2020-04-18
    • Added new screenshots for Widget, Formatting and Common blocks
    • updated the list of Widget and Layout blocks
  • Updated: 2020-01-16
    • added “Group” to the list of Layout Elements and graphic of the Inserter
  • Updated2019-11-23
    • added link to new RSS block page
  • Created: 2019-03-07

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