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Attendees of Community Summit 2023 in National Harbor, Washington, DC, USA.

How five percent is powering the next generation of the web

WordPress needs YOU!

Five for the Future is an initiative promoting the WordPress community’s contribution to the platform’s growth. As an open source project, WordPress is created by a diverse collection of people from around the world.

What is Five for the Future?

Launched in 2014, Five for the Future encourages organizations to contribute five percent of their resources to WordPress development. WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg proposed this benchmark to maintain a “golden ratio” of contributors to users. 

The community has risen to the challenge, with participation more than quadrupling since launch. 

Who should participate in Five for the Future?

Anyone can contribute to Five for the Future. Many contributors focus on the technical side of WordPress, such as core development, but there are also teams working in other areas like marketing, translation, training, and community. There is always a way to get involved, whatever your skill set.

Why should you participate in Five for the Future?

Contributors have the opportunity to learn alongside passionate innovators who are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience. 

For organizations, WordPress contribution can provide more cost-effective training or growth opportunities than many traditional programs.

Participants see a number of benefits: 

  • Identifying and recruiting talent.
  • Influencing the direction of the WordPress platform.
  • Contributing to the future of the open web.

Check out the Five for the Future handbook to find out more and learn how to start contributing.

Case Study

Milana is a spirited advocate for WordPress education, fueled by a deep passion for community empowerment. Her engaging global talks, insightful workshops, and invaluable contributions to the Documentation team have guided and inspired WordPress users from all walks of life. Milana’s dedication encourages all of us (at XWP and beyond) to push boundaries, innovate, and unlock the platform’s full potential.

Myles Lagolago-Craig, CEO, XWP

Milana Cap has been serving as a co-representative for the Documentation team since 2021. Driven by her advocacy for WordPress education, she has delivered talks and workshops on WP-CLI in more than 30 countries. Milana is currently sponsored by XWP, which contributes 33% of her total hours.

Learn more about how Milana contributes.

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