Parship Group

As the leading provider of online dating services worldwide it is our goal to find the perfect match for everyone. The Parship Group headquarters are located in the heart of Hamburg; further offices are based in Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam. We employ over 300 colleagues in various fields, ranging from IT to product management… continue reading Parship Group

Parship Group has pledged 6 hours a week

  • Sören Wrede


A research tech organization empowering individual and companies to better insights. Our apps and content make research joyful

Twimbit has pledged 9 hours a week

  • Aman Sharma
  • shalinibose
  • Siddhant Kumar


DCKAP is one of the world’s foremost digital commerce specialists. We build, enhance, and manage enterprise eCommerce storefronts effectively. We power digital commerce for innovative brands, manufacturers, and distributors across the globe with a suite of leading products, allowing businesses of every nature to unleash their full potential.

DCKAP has pledged 10 hours a week

  • Rajan Vijayan
  • Syed Kadhar


The mission of Yoast is SEO for Everyone. We want to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines. Our SEO plugin, blog posts, and online courses should enable both large companies as well as small websites to attract the traffic they desire.

Yoast has pledged 296 hours a week

  • Andrea Fercia
  • Ari Stathopoulos
  • benvaassen
  • DiedeExterkate
  • Dieter
  • Fleur Heesen
  • Francesca Marano
  • Hans-Christiaan Braun
  • Herre Groen
  • Igor
  • Joost Boomkamp
  • Irene Strikkers
  • Jeroen Rotty
  • Jip Moors
  • Johanna de Vos
  • Jono Alderson
  • Joost de Valk
  • Justin Ahinon
  • kberning
  • Laura Sacco
  • Lisanne Kluitmans
  • Luc Kickken
  • maartenleenders
  • Manuel Augustin
  • Marieke Bartels
  • mariekerakt
  • Marijn Koopman
  • Dijana Muzhdeka
  • Neringa Kavaliauskaite
  • Olga Platteschor
  • Omar Reiss
  • Carolina Nymark
  • Rolf Siebers
  • Samah Nasr
  • Sana Kasmi
  • Sanne van der Meulen
  • Sergey Biryukov
  • Simon Resok
  • Taco Verdonschot
  • tdevalk
  • Kai
  • Alexander Botteram

Progressive Web

Progressive Web is one of many brands that provides website design and development services for businesses. With more than 20 years of experience no one understands website design and development better than we do!

Progressive Web has pledged 18 hours a week

  • Progressive Web


WPVibes is a plugin development. We focus on providing quality plugin.

WPVibes has pledged 13 hours a week

  • Anand Upadhyay
  • Pooja Derashri

Trinity Web Media

Trinity Web Media is an organization that solves business problems with intelligent Digital Marketing and WordPress Development.

Trinity Web Media has pledged 5 hours a week

  • grtaylor2


Automattic wants to make the web a better place. Our family of brands includes, WooCommerce, Jetpack, Simplenote, Longreads, VaultPress, Akismet, Gravatar, Crowdsignal, Cloudup, Tumblr, and more. Automattic is a distributed company with 1,464 Automatticians in 80 countries speaking 100 different languages. We’re committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and our common goal is to… continue reading Automattic

Automattic has pledged 3595 hours a week

  • Aaron Robertshaw
  • Madison
  • Alex Lende
  • Jesús Amieiro
  • Andrei Draganescu
  • Andrew Serong
  • Angela Jin
  • Starbuck
  • annezazu
  • Anton Vlasenko
  • Andy Peatling
  • Ashfame
  • Andrew Ozz
  • Beatriz Fialho
  • Bernhard Reiter
  • Birgit Pauli-Haack
  • Collieth Clarke
  • Cami Kaos
  • Carlos Bravo
  • Chloe Bringmann
  • Josepha
  • Corey McKrill
  • Courtney P.K.
  • critterverse
  • Michal Czaplinski
  • Daisy Olsen
  • danieldudzic
  • Dan Soschin
  • darerodz
  • Dion Hulse
  • dhruvkb
  • Steve Dufresne
  • ehtis
  • Nicholas Garofalo
  • Ella van Durpe
  • Erica Varlese
  • Francisco
  • David Smith
  • glendaviesnz
  • Kerry Liu
  • Greg Ziółkowski
  • Hari Shanker R
  • Tonya Mork
  • Hugh Lashbrooke
  • Ian Dunn
  • Isabel Brison
  • James Koster
  • Javier Arce
  • Jeffrey Pearce
  • Jeff Ong
  • Joen A.
  • John Godley
  • Jorge Costa
  • Jonathan Pantani
  • JuanMa Garrido
  • Kelly Hoffman
  • Kai Hao
  • Kjell Reigstad
  • Krystle Salazar
  • luisherranz
  • Matt Mullenweg
  • Matias Ventura
  • Michael Burridge
  • Miguel Fonseca
  • Mel Choyce-Dwan
  • Sarah Norris
  • Marcus Kazmierczak
  • matiasbenedetto
  • Naoko Takano
  • Robert Anderson
  • Nik Tsekouras
  • Olga Bulat
  • Maggie Cabrera
  • pbking
  • Pablo Postigo
  • Héctor Prieto
  • Paulo Pinto
  • ramonopoly
  • George Hotelling
  • Roxy Kohilakis
  • rmartinezduque
  • ronnybadilla
  • Kelly Choyce-Dwan
  • santosguillamot
  • sarayourfriend
  • scruffian
  • shaunandrews
  • Tara King
  • Tosin Oguntuyi
  • stacimc
  • Daniel Richards
  • Tellyworth
  • Vicente Canales
  • Ryan Welcher
  • Wes Theron
  • Riad Benguella
  • Zack Krida
  • Rocio Valdivia

Shiny Coders

We make useful WordPress Themes and Plugins

Shiny Coders has pledged 30 hours a week

  • Mak Alamin


Websupport is hosting market leader in CEE region. Part of the Loopia Group with operations in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. We are proud members of WordPress community. We support local WordCamps and WordPress contributors.

Websupport has pledged 4 hours a week

  • Fero Volár
  • Karol Voros
  • Norbert Papp


At Google we believe that WordPress is one of the key drivers and enablers of an open, thriving, and rich open web ecosystem; and our goal is to enable a better web by helping improve performance, security, and capabilities of millions of WordPress powered sites.

Google has pledged 24 hours a week

  • Adam Silverstein
  • Felix Arntz
  • Pascal Birchler
  • Weston Ruter


ForgetWP offers Pro-Active Maintenance and Support services, including Content edits, speed optimisation, and security improvements for WordPress Users, Bloggers, eCommerce, and Businesses. Boost your website’s Speed by choosing our own and exclusive to our clients – Blazing Fast and Managed Hosting powered by Google Cloud Platform! You will instantly benefit from features like Google’s Brotli,… continue reading ForgetWP

ForgetWP has pledged 10 hours a week

  • ForgetWP
  • Rafal Kukla

The Blogsmith

Founded by Maddy Osman, The Blogsmith is a company that creates SEO content (that humans love) for WordPress brands. Maddy’s background in WordPress web design contributes to a well-rounded understanding of SEO and how to connect brands to relevant search prospects. We’re always looking for ways to give back to the WordPress community: we’ve helped… continue reading The Blogsmith

The Blogsmith has pledged 5 hours a week

  • maddyosman


Italiaonline is the largest Italian internet company and offers web marketing and digital services advertising, including the management of advertising campaigns and the generation of leads through social networks and search engines. The company’s strategic objective is to consolidate its leadership in the digital advertising market for large accounts and in local marketing services.

Italiaonline has pledged 2 hours a week

  • Enrico Sorcinelli


Dezvolta is a Digital Agency focused on growing businesses—smarter, better and faster.

Dezvolta has pledged 2 hours a week

  • Ananda Kannan S P

Innovatra Solutions

We are Innovatra Solution, We are a software company Based in Karachi, South Africa, and Dubai. We turn Ideas into reality. We develop the most Creative Ideas. We add value to your Product.

Innovatra Solutions has pledged 15 hours a week

  • junaidiqbalturk

WP Media

Founded in 2014, WP Media is an equal opportunity employer with a distributed team of +35 teammates living around the world. We are best known as the creators of WP Rocket, but we also developed Imagify.

WP Media has pledged 20 hours a week

  • cristinasoponar
  • Ahmed Saeed
  • GeekPress
  • iCaspar
  • Remy Perona


Thanks to more than ten years of experience in web development as a web agency based in Italy, codeat today develops and maintains several successful plugins also for third-party clients. Firmly believing in the values ​​of open source, the two founders of codeat proudly joined the WordPress contributor program “Five for the future”.

Codeat has pledged 5 hours a week

  • Eugenio Petulla'
  • Daniele Scasciafratte

VCAT Consulting GmbH

We are a company specialized in internet applications that develops customer-oriented solutions such as websites, portals or databases on the basis of open source software such as WordPress, TYPO3, vtiger CRM, or Symfony. Individual solutions that support digital business processes have been programmed for our customers since 1999. We are specialized in the refinement of… continue reading VCAT Consulting GmbH

VCAT Consulting GmbH has pledged 11 hours a week

  • Bernhard Kau
  • Nico Danneberg
  • shogathu

Tony Creators India

Tony Creators India is a Web Designing And Development Company In Mumbai & Thane. We are a startup and founded in 2018 we are focusing on Web Technology Services.

Tony Creators India has pledged 45 hours a week

  • Rajdip Sinha Roy

JENS Development Consultancy

Our goal is to give entrepreneurs the chance to be strongly presented online and have enough time to focus on their core business. We manage their website 24/7, every day of the year.

JENS Development Consultancy has pledged 7 hours a week

  • Jens De Beule

Kodo Poetai

Association of WordPress users in Lithuania, a non-profit, volunteer-only organization. We organize meetups, workshops, AMAs and helpdesks, create a podcast, curate a free help Slack channel, travel to WordCamps together and translate WordPress, plugins and themes into Lithuanian.

Kodo Poetai has pledged 12 hours a week

  • Arunas Liuiza
  • Jonas Andrijauskas
  • Justina


Bringing your dreams into reality

AkonnorOnline has pledged 1 hour a week

  • akonnoronline


BoltFlare is providing secure, optimized and SSD powered WP web hosting packages, suitable for different types of websites: from small personal blogs or business websites to large authority sites, getting thousands of visitors on daily basis. From the very beginning, we are always striving to provide the best managed WordPress hosting platform you can rely… continue reading BoltFlare

BoltFlare has pledged 2 hours a week

  • Ali H. Arshad


We’re a small digital agency from Managua, Nicaragua, that makes websites, themes and plugins for our clients and other agencies. We work exclusively with WordPress.

Monchito has pledged 5 hours a week


Bluehost is a leading web solutions services provider. Since our founding in 2003, we have continually innovated and delivered on our mission: to empower people to fully harness the web. We provide comprehensive tools to millions of users throughout the world so anyone—novice or pro—can get online and thrive. We believe in WordPress and our… continue reading Bluehost

Bluehost has pledged 166 hours a week

  • Aaron D. Campbell
  • Evan Mullins
  • Jonathan Desrosiers
  • David Ryan
  • William Earnhardt
  • Micah Wood


Organizations looking to realize economies of scale by moving to an Op-Ex model from a Cap-Ex model, are migrating to cloud-based applications for their end-to-end CRM requirements. Companies today are looking to leverage for their enterprise CRM and build customized business applications with Salesforce’s PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offering platform which provides necessary tools to… continue reading BugendaiTech

BugendaiTech has pledged 10 hours a week

  • magarpayal

Air Communication

AIR Communication combines creative acumen and marketing competence with a strong focus on new technologies and media. We offer tailored web solutions, “through the line” services and integrated communication consultancy to expand and strengthen your brand awareness.

Air Communication has pledged 16 hours a week

  • Dario Corbelli

SKT Themes

At SKT Themes we have helped thousands of customers realize their dream of developing their first website with easy to use free templates contributed via themes. We also have over 35k premium users who are mostly developers and agencies who in turn help small and medium businesses with affordable website building solutions. Our main… continue reading SKT Themes

SKT Themes has pledged 10 hours a week

  • SKTThemes


As the world’s largest domain registrar and web host, GoDaddy is a champion of WordPress and the open web. Millions of entrepreneurs experience WordPress through GoDaddy for the very first time and we take this responsibility seriously. GoDaddy is committed to innovating WordPress experiences for new users and empowering them to find success online. Through… continue reading GoDaddy

GoDaddy has pledged 236 hours a week

  • andrijav
  • Andy McIlwain
  • andyr94
  • Aleksandar Simić
  • Adam W. Warner
  • Bryan Focht
  • Courtney Engle Robertson
  • Darko Gerguric
  • Predrag Grbatinic
  • Evan Herman
  • Frankie Jarrett
  • Gabriel Mays
  • GoDaddy
  • hadesnx01
  • Jelena Kovalenkov
  • Jonas Andrijauskas
  • Jonathan Bardo
  • Josh Lynch
  • JR Tashjian
  • Nemanja Aleksić
  • Kevin Schüler
  • Maja Loncar
  • George Mamadashvili
  • Clancy
  • Mike Schroder
  • nikolastevanovic
  • Anthony Ledesma
  • pendraq
  • Nestor Angulo de Ugarte
  • WPredrag
  • Miljenko
  • Rich Tabor
  • Milos Mihaljevic
  • Sandy Edwards
  • tazwordpress
  • vladda
  • vrandjelovic94