Convesio was founded in 2018 to provide agencies and enterprises a platform for hosting scalable, secure WordPress sites without the complexity of traditional cloud providers. Traditional hosting has not evolved to embrace the latest technology, and design agencies struggle to find scalable, high performance hosting. Cloud infrastructures are costly, complex and out of reach for… continue reading Convesio

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  • Tom Fanelli

WP Engine

The WP Engine WordPress Digital Experience Platform gives companies of all sizes the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster. Our platform optimizes WordPress for integration, speed, and security, and our powerful, high-performance WordPress cloud hosting solutions ensure your site always delivers on your brand promise. WP Engine’s combination… continue reading WP Engine

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  • atomicblocks
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  • Ricky Blacker
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  • BMO
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  • wpealbert


We are a passionate team of WordPress enthusiasts love to create WordPress theme and plugin. We are based on The stunning design and clean code make us one of the top plugin development companies.

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  • Anik Biswas
  • Jakir Hasan


WIT Solution is the leading digital marketing company in Ahmedabad. We offer a range of services that are mandatory to develop your online business in the best way possible. We have a great reputation as the best website development company in Ahmedabad. Being a reckoned computing organization, we follow the relevant ethos in digital business,… continue reading WIT SOLUTION

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  • jinit9906
  • Piyush Patel


Bring inspiration and innovation to every people in the world. A mission, to convey the real spiritual knowledge to every person of the world with facts and certainty… The courage is high, we will do this.

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  • Banti Kumar

SKT Themes

At SKT Themes we have helped thousands of customers realize their dream of developing their first website with easy to use free templates contributed via themes. We also have over 35k premium users who are mostly developers and agencies who in turn help small and medium businesses with affordable website building solutions. Our main… continue reading SKT Themes

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  • SKTThemes


WPHelpdesk, founded in 2010, is a place for everyone with questions about WordPress, who want to do a lot themselves but occasionally need some professional advice and help. The focus of WPHelpdesk is to actually help and resolve problems instead of developing whole new websites. WPHeldesk makes use of two different approaches namely, DIY and… continue reading WPHelpdesk

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  • Richard van Denderen


Your all-in-one WordPress platform – Optimize and manage multiple WP sites with our award-winning plugins, dedicated hosting, powerful site management tools, and 5-star support. Since 2006, WPMU DEV has been creating high-quality WordPress solutions – helping more than 900,000 developers, freelancers, site-owners, and agencies grow their WP businesses.

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  • mindanticipation
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  • Nebu John Thaliyath
  • Nahid Ferdous Mohit
  • Nithin
  • Patrick Freitas
  • Prathamesh Palve
  • Rupok Chowdhury Protik
  • Umesh Kumar
  • Anton Vanyukov
  • Konstantinos Xenos

SolidMVC / Famous Photographers, Ltd.

SolidMVC – a GDPR-compliant micro-framework that based on collection of most popular coding-standards (PSR-2, PSR-4 Autoloaders, Semantic Versioning, Unicode CLDR support, BCNF Database Structure) and Technologies (Font-Awesome) to allow any Object-Oriented Software Architect from C# or Java, PHP Software Architects comming to WordPress from Symfony or Laravel, to pick-up and start coding in WordPress withing… continue reading SolidMVC / Famous Photographers, Ltd.

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  • KestutisIT
  • Marius


Webikon is a WordPress agency focusin on complex web and ecommerce solutions. We were formed from active members of slovak WordPress community and contributing to WordPress community is a part of our DNA.

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  • Bailer
  • Pavol Caban
  • Peter Danko
  • Peter Nemcok

Self-Hosted WP

We are a passionate team of WordPress enthusiasts helping people with WordPress hosting. We are usually on or Twitter offering support to WordPress users.

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  • Luis
  • Self-Hosted WP


Dezvolta is a Digital Agency focused on growing businesses—smarter, better and faster.

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  • Ananda Kannan S P

SB Technologies

A ten-year old organization, extensively into websites and web portals design and development. Developed over 300+ websites so far. Handled prestigious assignments for local Government.

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  • anarerp

WP Wolf

WP Wolf creates WordPress heroes through courses, services and bespoke work. We’ll make you feel at home in WordPress.

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  • Louis Wolf


We, PGA, strongly believe in Open Source. We have been involved in the beloved way for more than a decade. Most of our products are based on WordPress. Also, we have tried our best to introduce WordPress to the world around us which resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of users within the… continue reading PGA

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  • Sekineh Ebrahimzadeh
  • Mobin Ghasempoor
  • Morteza Geransayeh
  • Mohadese Ghasemi
  • Saeed Fard
  • Samaneh Mirrajabi

Awesome Motive

Awesome Motive helps small businesses grow and compete with the big guys. Our family of brands include WPBeginner, OptinMonster, WPForms, MonsterInsights, All in One SEO (AIOSEO), SeedProd, WP Mail SMTP, Smash Balloon, RafflePress, PushEngage, TrustPulse, and more. Our tools are used by over 15 million websites.

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  • chriscct7
  • Nidhi Jain
  • Peter Wilson
  • Sanjeev Aryal
  • Syed Balkhi


As the second largest WordPress hosting provider worldwide, IONOS offers optimized WordPress infrastructure that’s tailored to each phase of a business’s development and technical expertise. From a beginners solution with a setup assistant for freelancers and small companies with no experience, to a platform for more complex WordPress projects from experts and agencies. We regularly… continue reading IONOS

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  • Gaelle Despoulain
  • Feldmann
  • Lichttraeumer
  • Matthias Pfefferle

UHL Hosting

We harness the power of Open Source to deliver powerful tools which enable our clients to make strong business propositions.

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  • Viorel-Cosmin Miron


Whodunit is a full-remote French WordPress agency. Founded in 2008 and deeply involved in open-source development, Whodunit is the biggest agency in France in term of contribution to WordPress ecosystem. We are building tailor-made editorial experiences for our clients, using Gutenberg at 100% since around 6 months before it was released in 5.0. We are… continue reading Whodunit

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  • Jb Audras
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  • Magali
  • Simon Janin
  • Timothée Brosille

Asociación Colectivo Crece-T

Somos una asociación de alumnos que nos hemos decidido a mejorar el mundo en el que nos ha tocado vivir.

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  • mosquis

Human Made

Human Made is an award-winning, global WordPress agency and leading provider of digital experience platforms for enterprise. Founded in 2010, we have grown from a small team in Matlock, UK, to a team of 70+ employees worldwide delivering solutions to clients internationally.

Human Made has pledged 62 hours a week

  • Chris Reynolds
  • Jenny Beaumont
  • John Blackbourn
  • K. Adam White
  • Kirsty Burgoine
  • Jon (Kenshino)
  • Mike Little
  • Jenny Wong
  • Stephen Edgar
  • Petya Raykovska
  • Ryan McCue
  • Tarei King
  • Thorsten Frommen
  • Dee Teal
  • Tom J Nowell
  • Tom Willmot


Bisnis Soluciones Profesionales S.L. is a small company based in Spain specialised in offer WordPress consulting, teaching and developing solutions to individuals, small companies and institutions. Along with the paid services, we pledge a lot of non-profit work to contribute to WordPress and helping non-profits and unenployed people to get web presence with Open Source… continue reading Bisnis

Bisnis has pledged 30 hours a week

  • Fernando Tellado


DCKAP is one of the world’s foremost digital commerce specialists. We build, enhance, and manage enterprise eCommerce storefronts effectively. We power digital commerce for innovative brands, manufacturers, and distributors across the globe with a suite of leading products, allowing businesses of every nature to unleash their full potential.

DCKAP has pledged 10 hours a week

  • Rajan Vijayan
  • Syed Kadhar

Hidden Infotech

Hidden Infotech is a distinct Cost-effective WordPress Development and Mobile Application Development Company. We specialize in designing, building and maintaining complex enterprise websites in WordPress. Our strength lies in combining our extensive Business Domain Experience, technical expertise, and in-depth knowledge of current industry trends with a quality-driven delivery model. With more than 7 years of… continue reading Hidden Infotech

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  • dharmeshmakrubiya
  • Bhagvan Mangukiya

Safe This Home

“Our mission at Safe This Home is providing information and products that enable you to secure your networks effectively and maintain rightful control over your own data.”

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  • @kill$h0t_13

WP OnlineSupport

WP Onlinesupport is a renowned WordPress Development Company has been making feature rich WordPress plugins and tools for WordPress websites. With an experience close to a decade, we have won the trust of more than 300,000 users who have been using WordPress plugins developed by our research teams. We have a pool of in-house WordPress… continue reading WP OnlineSupport

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  • Anoop Ranawat
  • Pratik Jain
  • WP OnlineSupport

AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.

We, AddWeb Solution, is the forefront of developing next-gen design and 8+ years of rich experience in WordPress Website Development services. We understand the importance of community and contribution to the same to grow together. The talented web design specialists at AddWeb Solution are committed to creating your online success and they know their job… continue reading AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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  • AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd.
  • chahanap
  • hemaladdweb


BoltFlare is providing secure, optimized and SSD powered WP web hosting packages, suitable for different types of websites: from small personal blogs or business websites to large authority sites, getting thousands of visitors on daily basis. From the very beginning, we are always striving to provide the best managed WordPress hosting platform you can rely… continue reading BoltFlare

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  • Ali H. Arshad


Techeshta Solutions is a digital agency offering website design and development services from scratch to final execution. We hear your ideas, plans, and objectives for your business and then select the best solution to fit. We don’t believe in hard selling and always have our customer’s best interests at heart when offering sensible and impartial… continue reading Techeshta

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  • Jeni Mendapara
  • Margi Dedakiya
  • Mehul Vaghani
  • Monika Gajera
  • Mohit Savaliya
  • Pinkal Shihora
  • Pratap Dungrani
  • Shyama Vadukar
  • Urvik Moradiya
  • Nilesh Vastarpara
  • Yagnik Padaliya


At ibericode we believe the internet should be open for everyone, not divided into a few walled gardens extracting profit from its inhabitants. Through our our plugins like Koko Analytics and Mailchimp for WordPress or our contributions to WordPress core we strive to make the internet live up to that ideal.

ibericode has pledged 8 hours a week

  • Danny van Kooten