These are some testimonials that have been sent in by users. If you have a story to tell share yours.

"I have been a loyal MovableType user for a couple of years now. I went to upgrade perl on my system (apparently 5.8.2 and MT don't like each other) and MT puked on me. I am a UNIX sysadmin by trade, so I am not ignorant of the ins and outs of upgrading software on a webserver. In spite of performing every test, upgrade, and change I could, including mod_perl and all of the modules required by MT, in the end, MT was still broken.

"When I first installed MT, I had been looking for a php based weblog engine, but could not find one I liked as much as MT. Having now discovered WordPress, I am a happy man, and will not be looking back.

"I managed to write a quick and dirty php script to migrate my existing MT entries in MySQL to WordPress, which was a paltry 147 entries. However, using php’s ereg_replace and preg_replace functions, I was able to translate all of my MTMacros during the transfer. It was much simpler than any of the alternatives (manual mysqldump and edit — yuck!) and it was clean. I will be able to modify the script to migrate the other 2 weblogs I host (at time of this writing, I've already done one!).

"From my just under 24 hours of experience with WordPress, I’m a happy man. This is fantastic code, and it’s only just getting on its feet! The updates that are forthcoming promise to make this one of the premiere weblog engines on the web today. Good work! I eagerly await your future versions!"

— Aaron Mildenstein

"I was using b2, the development of which seemed to have somewhat stagnated, and I was searching for a way to put into it a few of the features floating around that other blog solutions had. That's how I found WordPress. What better solution than to use this elegant system as a replacement/upgrade for b2.

"Installation, usability and extensibility all packaged in a poetic package of code.

"I'm not looking back :)"

— Michael Heilemann

"Two antlers, WAY UP! Being one of the largest denizens of the coniferous forests of northeastern British Columbia, I have very particular needs. After my initial Blogger experience (can I say that word here?) I was left wanting more, but alas, I suffered from newbie shock when I moved on to other tools. Grey Matter beckoned, and I got it installed, but it was simply not for me. One evening, after a long day of tromping through the underbrush, I was googling for a new blogging tool, and tripped and fell over something called "WordPress." Well, I downloaded it, scoffed at the claim of a five-minute install, and tried it out. Five minutes or so later, I was typing my first test post...then I saw that version 0.72 had just been released. I quickly upgraded, and haven't looked back since. Ten out of ten moose recommend WordPress as THE publishing suite of the 21st Century."

— Craig Hartel (aka Nuclear Moose)

"WordPress works great and is easy to use and setup on Mac OS X! Overall a great bit software if you are looking to setup and maintain your own blog."

— R. J. Aubern

"Outstanding work. Installation was extremely smooth and easy — and it actually works, compared to my bad experience with MovableType. Got me up and running in nearly 10 minutes. WP combines all great aspects of web design — Valid XHTML, slick CSS, and even some sexy javascript in the bookmarklets. What a great piece of script. It’s more than a script. It’s nearly a full out content management system. You could package this baby and sell it for two hundred bucks, but you don't. Open source is awesome. Keep up the great work, guys."

— Jeff Fritz

"Prior to WordPress, I played around with web log applications such as Movable Type (MT) and phpWeblog (pW). I tried setting up MT but found there was a lot of ad hoc programs needed to be installed not supported by the ISP. The second one pW also failed to install properly. I decided to sit and wait for a while, scout for more information. The wait was quite long, about three to six months until I stumbled into a web log containing a mention of WordPress (WP). It took another 4 to 8 weeks of lazily going through the documentation of getting it up and running. Finally, I took the code and was able to install it in less than one hour. Well, there you have it, a working web log named In Principio.

"Overall, Word Press is the easiest to install and maintain by far. Thanks to the WordPress team."

— Nymia

"Strangely enough, I don't run WordPress on my site, I run it off my USB pen drive (the fiddly little sticks that you store stuff on and push into the back of the computer). The pen drive holds Apache webserver, PHP, MySQL and several other essentials. Now that’s an ideal place to keep a portable private diary! Or maybe I'm just odd *grins*"

— David Carrington

I took a chance and installed WordPress. As with many cms scripts, I prepared to encounter some challenges with installation and configuration and disappointments in functionality. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how powerful and easy to use WordPress is.

— Emory

"I needed a script for posting news and I was sick of every page except my news being Valid XHTML. Then I found WordPress..."

— Jess

"As a Blogger user, then a MT user, then a B2 user, and now a WP user - I must say I'm impressed. I wasn't quite sure what to expect upon switching over, but given the death of b2, I decided to take the leap and try its official successor. Installation/upgrading was relatively easy, and I've already found so much more to like over b2:

  • comments/pingbacks/trackbacks are all rolled into one commenting feature. It makes things so much clearer when people want to interact with what you've written.
  • faster. WordPress handles just about everything faster than b2. And I mean everything.
  • list management. God bless Blogrolling, but I've been waiting for someone to integrate it into a blogging software.
  • continual building. Please keep up the development of this, its what makes it so much fun to use, always adding in features and styling all the available settings.

"Great job, guys, keep up the great work!"

— Paul Jackson

"I had been an avid b2 user for the last 6 months or so, but then decided to take advantage of WordPress’s features, commitment to extra development and stable codebase. So far, so good.

"WP offers an excellent, easy-to-use upgrade path from b2, outputs XHTML-compliant frontend code, and as of 0.71 offers some extraordinarily useful features such as private entries, integrated link manager and upgraded speed that you'd expect to see in a *cough*paid*cough* product. There is also an active community of users to assist with any problems, and above all it is easy to use, with minimal fuss.

"With all of WP’s slated changes (Smarty templates, multimedia extensions (Gallery, anyone? :)), even support for importing MovableType posts!) WP has a bright future. Another happy user here — thanks Mike, Matt and the other developers. Keep up the great work."

— BC

"I had used b2 for over a year and was surprised when I saw it was not being developed further. When Word Press came along, I installed, imported my old b2 entries and have been blogging happily since then.

"Between easy to understand installment and configuration, using MySQL, being FREE and having an excellent support forum, you just can't beat Word Press for your content management system!

"Word Press is still in the infancy stage but already surpasses other CMS by a lot. I can't wait to see what's in the next release!

"Thank you Mike, Matt and the other folks working on this great blogging tool. Keep up the excellent work, people are grateful and they do sit up and take notice!"

— Southern Gal

"I’ve tried a few other bloggers, and I thought that Greymatter was as good as it got. Then I found WordPress. Easy to install, easy to set up, easy to use, and more features than I will ever need. Just fantastic! I'm ashamed how little of it's capability I'm using!

Thanks to the everyone involved, and keep up the great work guys!"

— Dave Haynes

"Ever since I've made the switch from NewsPro and other small news scripts to run my site, to a full blown WordPress backend my site has never ran more smoothly. WordPress gives me the options and config options I need to run my site.

"It's also dead easy to change the template, or create your own, which is great because I would be lost if I had to recode the backend to do such things! WordPress is my journal backend solution, and will be for a long time to come.

Thanks to the everyone involved, and keep up the great work guys!"

— Jeremy Shields

"It's definitely the easiest Blog tool to install out there. It imported entries from Blogger and B2 pretty nicely. What else to say? I just love it..."

— Sushubh

"I needed to set up a full-blown database-driven Web site. I figured if I spent entire weekend on it, it should go live by Sunday night. With WordPress the entire process took about 6 hours, most of which was playing with CSS and reading the documentation to get the tags I wanted displayed."

— Alex Moskalyuk

"Finally, a fast blog software that produces valid XHTML and does not suffer the dreaded ShortOpenTag disease. And I got to keep most of my b2++ database schema. The default pages are so well laid out that I got to my current page setup by merely editing the CSS file, another big plus! Thanks for writing this and making it OSS [open source software]."

— Blacky (from Germany)

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