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Child themes to be automatically installed and activated rather than parent
4 Votes
Embed video URL in all images by default
0 Votes
Improve page management with hierarchy
3 Votes
RSS core widget open in new tab
0 Votes
Improved Plugin Search Results
2 Votes
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Accessibility – Suggestions for making WordPress more accessible and ADA-compliant 171
Comments – Suggestions about how to handle comment features 70
Editing – Suggestions around creation of content 245
Email – Suggestions around any of the built-in email features 28
Functions and Hooks – Suggestions for improved functions, new actions or filters 320
i18n – Suggestions around translation 24
Media – Images, Video, Music, ... 238
Performance – Suggestions on making WordPress better/faster/stronger 106
Taxonomy – Suggestions around categories, tags, custom taxonomies 63
UI and Design – Making WordPress usable and pretty 267
User Roles – Suggestions about user roles and permissions 40
Widgets – Suggestions for the way widgets work 92
General – When your idea doesn't fit anywhere else 2,729

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