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  • Plugin Author Andrija Vučinić


    Hi, what is not working? 🙂 How did you install?

    Same issue

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_cache_add() (previously declared in /var/www/html/9438/wp-includes/cache.php:41) in /var/www/html/9438/wp-content/plugins/memcached/object-cache.php on line 19

    Plugin Author Andrija Vučinić


    Did you look at the installation guide? 🙂

    Give it up guys, use which just works, doesn’t need PECL extension and copy object-cache.php itself.

    Folks, having used the object-cache.php file today, a few comments.
    You only need the one file, no need to install the plugin via the usual routine.
    I had to manually generate a 64-char random string for the wp_config.php file.
    On my server, I made the mistake of confusing memcache with memcached.
    Install memcached on the server first.
    If you use WHM, you can use Module Installers > PHP PECL Installer to install the Memcache module. Remember that you need to do this for all the versions of PHP on your system.
    So, server first, install memcached and test.
    Next, install memcache PECL module.
    (Remember to restart your webserver/php-fpm for changes to take effect)
    Finally, copy object-cache.php to you /wp-content folder.
    Good luck.

    This person below is right. Just download the plugin, install it and use it. I struggled to make this above particular plugin or method work for a long time. I have come back to it many times and tried so many times. Just did not work. This plugin below does. It is simple. Be sure to get rid of the garbage these guys tell you to put in your config file. If you dont this plugin will not work. I remembered and took this junk out, saved and the plugin below worked right away. I was so happy I spent the time to reset my password here just to tell about it.

    Marian Kadanka 


    1 week, 4 days ago

    Give it up guys, use which just works, doesn’t need PECL extension and copy object-cache.php itself.



    Note: The plugin recommended by @dgswim @mariankadanka is not maintained any more and also not update for some years now.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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