Mouseflow for WordPress


With Mouseflow for WordPress you can access everything Mouseflow has to offer – directly from your WordPress dashboard! Learn more about your visitors by viewing recordings of whole user sessions including mouse movements, clicks, scroll events and key strokes. The plugin makes it quick and easy to install the Mouseflow-tracking code on your WordPress-site.


Follow these steps to use the plugin:

  1. Upload the ‘mouseflow-for-wordpress’-folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Paste your Mouseflow script code in the box under Settings | Mouseflow


Where do I get the tracking code?

You get the tracking code by signing up on You can easily create an account for free by following this link:

The code is not working
  1. Make sure you’ve inserted the script code in the settings page.
  2. Check that you have the wp_footer() function in the blog template.
  3. Check your blog’s html source (Page / View source) and search for “mouseflow”. In case the script found at the end of the section, but still not working, you’re probably running the site from a different domain than the one you entered on your mouseflow account. Make sure that the domains are matching.
  4. Read more here:
  5. Get in touch:


Best Fraud Prevention System

From a customer point of view, Nothing else on the market compares to mouseflow. we have spent 3 days looking into the legitimacy of mouseflow, and their big brand name customers, and they are true customers of mouseflow. With that being said, Hands down. if you want video tracking evidence of what people do on your website, mouseflow is a must have. Congratulations Mouseflow on your ground breaking technology and with outstanding service! Blissful Living Studio's will proudly give your first 5 star.
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