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    I know the image shows some plugins enabled. I’ve enabled back again because the site cannot function without a few of those.

    For the testing purposes, ALL of them were disabled, including themes and caching plugins. The backend stays blue, for whatever reason, and all the issues persist.

    If I said I’ve disabled, that means I’ve done it. Why would I lie about this? My interest here is to fix a problem that’s breaking several of my sites right now. I’m happy to do whatever else is possible to pinpoint the issue here.

    I would really appreciate any other ideas thrown at me. Thank you!

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    1. Plugin/theme conflict was the first thing I tested. I’ve been using WP for 7 years, so I understand how to check for these things. No, none of these tests helped. With everything disabled, I’m still not able to add links as normal, for example.

    2. We have a Dedicated Server on WiredTree. I’ve already talked to my hosting. Nothing there, as expected.

    3. My browser is not the issue, because why whole team working on sites are experiencing the same issues.

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    I’m seeing some errors. With all plugins disabled, the button that doesn’t work (link wheel) just totally disappears.

    Screenshot: (ALL plugins are disabled)

    Yes, as per your suggestion, I tried to upload all WP files. No change.

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    Thanks for replying. These are tough times.

    With some sites, I still get that wheel, BUT nothing happens when I click on the wheel.

    With other sites, the wheel is just not there altogether. When I click to add “link” in text mode, I get that dialog to add the link, and I can add the link using that dialog, but if I’d want to add “open in new page” option using a checkbox, that would be impossible.

    This is the case with 5 different sites that I’ve tested. Different servers, different domains, different setups. So it definitely has to do with the recent update.

    I’ll happily pay for WordPress to avoid these things. This is quite dangerous for the business. Don’t know what to do next.

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    That little gear icon disappeared. That’s what I’m saying. It’s not there anymore.

    Yes, I’ve disabled all plugins and themes. It’s essentially a fresh WP install.

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    That worked! Thanks.

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    Thanks for your prompt response, Shawn!

    No, the file is definitely NOT a video file. It’s an MP3 Format file – exactly the same one as we’ve used for previous uploads.

    Here’s the blog post:

    And here’s Libsyn page:


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    Thanks for the response. I’m glad to see you guys taking feedback into consideration.

    Just to be clear, I did not use Jetpack > Site Stats. I used the Stats Widget option (the one I assume you mentioned) available at the top admin bar, meaning that it would take only ONE click to get to stats. That was the primary reason I used JetPack Stats, since it was easy to check them. Right now, that option is gone, and it’s a MAJOR drawback.

    Furthermore, as many people have already mentioned, the lack of additional data on the Site Stats page is another big con post-update. That was another huge reason why I used JetPack Site Stats – I could see keywords used, referrals, most popular content and outgoing clicks on top of daily stats. These five factors are the only ones most webmasters are interested on a day to day basis.

    At the moment, I’m annoyed to have to go clicking to Admin > JetPack > Old Stats. This takes me three clicks and I don’t even get as in-depth data as I can get on Google Analytics. To get to Google Analytics, all I need is 1 click (bookmark).

    Post-updated, I’ve already switched to checking my data in Google Analytics now, because being on a laptop and using a touchpad, it’s truly inconvenient to try to mouse over 3 actions instead of 1. So unless we get the Top Site Stats Widget (in the admin top bar) that takes us to the OLD STATS, I don’t see ever using JetPack at all since there’s no reason to.

    In summary, here are the main features which made me use Site Stats before:

    – One-click widget accessible from the FRONT PAGE (not just WP backend)
    – Visual 48hr traffic display in the widget
    – 5 key statistics fields that tell me everything I want to know (accessible in just one click, from any page, front or backend, on the site)

    JetPack Site Stats is not as powerful as GA. Its selling point was CONVENIENCE and SPEED. Now that you’ve removed it, JetPack Site Stats has little to offer. I hope that makes sense.

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    “You can click this” “then you can click that…”

    Understand that NOBODY wants to be clicking anything. That is NOT user-friendly.

    Have you guys not learned anything from Google yet? You should be DECREASING the number of clicks and scrolls to improve your product, not increasing it.

    Current JetPack Site Stats are horrible now. It takes a while for me to get to where I want to be, and I was basically forced to switching to Google Analytics. If there’s no update in the future to bring back the user-friendliness of old Site Stats, I’m removing JetPack altogether since I have no other use for it.

    You shot yourself in the foot by removing one of the best features of JetPack – quickly accessible Site Stats with plenty of data. Now I have to go around to find it, and I’m not willing to do that. You know why? Because if I have to do that, I would rather go instantly to Google Analytics since I get better data there.

    Poor choice, lads.

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    Jeremy Herve,

    I like how you answered to this problem as “this is what it is, and we’re going to keep it.”

    Do you think people like seeing thousands of blocked resources on their Google Webmaster Tools? That’s how many I have due to WP Stats update.

    Guess what? Not going to use WP Stats anymore until this issue is fixed, and maybe never again if I get used to using only Analytics.

    Very stupid move, and an even dumber approach to deal with a problem that you have created. Now watch your users drop, because some people use Jetpack ONLY for WP Stats.

    It’s weird to me how people with this type of thought process are managing customer relations. What you should’ve done is panic that your update is causing issues, yet you seem high and relaxed. Well, good luck.

    Same problem here as well.

    Yup. Just to confirm, I’m experiencing the same thing the OP does. After the update, no links can be added. I had a developer quickly scan through it and it’s an obvious WordPress bug.

    Wow. Still can’t do anything. Reversing back to the previous version for the time being.

    Do developers not test their updates anymore? How lazy is WordPress these days?

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    Just tried it – works very nicely. Thanks, you’re the man!

    If it’s no secret, what was the issue?

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    Great, thanks a lot man.

    Looking forward to the new release. Much appreciated!

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