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    Hi, do you have plans on updating this plugin so it is fully secure/https? We develop all of our websites secure and this plugin is preventing this particular website from being fully secure.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author LindzConnell



    We do have plans to make our products secure and hope to have something available in the near future.

    Thank you.

    One of my clients is also waiting for SSL support. This is critical due to Google Chrome reporting HTTP websites as “not secure” and Google penalizing search engine rankings for sites without SSL.

    My client has already requested us to begin exploring replacement plugins. You have been telling us it is “coming soon” for a long time. I need something more specific to provide my client.

    I am working on a replacement. Having no date for SSL support is not OK. If you are never going to have it, or are discontinuing the plugin, please just let us know so that our clients will allow us to move them ASAP. It’s irresponsible for us, as professionals, to allow our clients to go without SSL right now.




    Please advise your target for HTTPS update.



    22 one-star reviews, really? Do we have an SSL update yet?

    Tom Greer


    I can’t believe the total non-response on this critical issue.

    SSL support, please.

    I see version 3.0.0 of the plugin was released today, and says it provides support for SSL. Has anyone tried it yet?

    Plugin Author LindzConnell


    Hello Linux4me2,

    Yes, your Diverse Solutions IDX product for WordPress is now protected with SSL certificates! In non-technical terms, this means your consumers’ data is now more secure when they enter information on any Diverse Solutions IDX product on your website.

    NOTE: This update only applies to Diverse Solutions IDX products on your website. You may see a security warning due to other content on your website not protected by SSL certificates.

    Please download the new version of our plugin and let our Support Team know if you have any questions.
    877-348-7654, dial 2 for Support

    I was hoping to hear if others had successfully tested it before trying it on our live site, but maybe I will be the guinea pig. 🙂

    Plugin Author LindzConnell


    Hey Linux,

    I don’t like being the guinea pig either. 🙂 I generally wait to upgrade my phone when new versions are released. 🙂

    We did test things on our end prior to the release. Of course, as with all Development changes, we can’t always account for every environment that someone uses our products in. Thus, I am sure there will be some who experience issues.

    In most cases, I have a feeling the issues will be unrelated to our plugin and related to the environment the plugin is being used in (for example, issues where the site itself is not yet SSL). In those cases, of course, we won’t likely be able to resolve the issues on our end. However, it’s never a bad thing to contact our Support Team to help start the diagnosis process if an issue is experienced.

    Our support team is here Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm PACIFIC to assist in any issues experienced.

    And I strongly advise everyone to never upgrade on a weekend (or even end of a week… and especially before a long holiday like this next week!) when we are unavailable. Monday’s and Tuesday’s are your best bet when downloading and activating new versions. JUST in case. 🙂

    Also, always make sure to make a copy of your site BEFORE upgrading any plugins.

    Let us know how it goes, Linux!

    I just updated to v. 3.0.0 of the plugin, and I’m not getting any PHP or javascript errors. I did notice that the Profiles, Searches, Listings, and Login links for a specific property take me to a blank page with nothing but “0” displayed. That looks like an issue with jQuery and the link being followed instead of the javascript being executed, so it may very well be a conflict with something else on the site. I rolled the plugin back to v. 2.4.3, and the issue was still there, so I will contact tech support to see what they can tell me if I can’t find the cause. I haven’t added SSL to the site yet; that will come after I solve this issue.

    Plugin Author LindzConnell


    Okay, Linux, sounds good! Hopefully they can help you narrow down the issue.

    The issue I found is that when I clicked through to any IDX page with a specific listing for a property, if I then clicked on the Profile, Searches, Listings, or Login links for the property, I was taken to a new, blank page with only the character zero displayed. I couldn’t find a cause on our site, so I called Tech Support and was told this was a known issue with one of the javascript files for the IDXPress plugin, and that work is ongoing to fix it.

    I went ahead and added an SSL certificate to the site, then went through everything and adjusted it for SSL. I now have it working with SSL, and there are no other issues or mixed content warnings, so I can say it’s safe to take the plunge, update to the 3.0.0 version of the plugin, and add SSL.

    Plugin Author LindzConnell


    Great to hear! Thanks for the update!

    I’ll check into the other issues you are experiencing as well to find out the status. I am not sure how to contact you, though, and have some other things I might like to chat with you about if you wouldn’t mind. Send an email to Support@DS and ask for me specifically. Let them know I asked you to.

    Thanks, Linux!


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