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With the dsIDXpress plugin, bloggers can embed live real estate listings (using what is known as Internet Data Exchange, or IDX) into their blog’s posts and pages using something WordPress calls “shortcodes” and into their sidebars using the included widgets. The plugin also functions as a full IDX solution by allowing visitors to search for, and view the details of, listings in the MLS.

Important requirements to use this plugin

  • You must be an active member with a multiple listing service (MLS). This means that anyone other than real estate agents and brokers (and, in some MLS’s, even agents are excluded) cannot use this plugin.
  • The executives at the MLS must be progressive enough to allow the data to be syndicated to your blog from our (Diverse Solutions) API.
  • Downloading and installing the dsIDXpress plugin is 100% free, but getting the data from your MLS is not. You can use the free demo data in the beginning and move on to obtaining your MLS’s data after you’ve evaluated it.
  • Note: For plugin versions of v2.4.2 and above, your webhost must be running a minimum of PHP 5.4
  • Note: Plugin versions of v2.4.1 and lower will continue to support a minimum of PHP 5.2
  • You must be using at least WordPress 2.8. It will run faster on WordPress 2.9.1 and later.

dsIDXpress contains many advanced features that enable bloggers to create “sticky content,” visitors to find properties they like, and search engines to crawl the MLS data so that the listings show up with the blogger’s domain in the search engines. It is intended to be a real estate agent’s / broker’s all-inclusive interface between the MLS they belong to and their WordPress site / blog. Following is a very high-level overview of the plugin’s functionality.

  • It actually embeds the live MLS data INTO the blog — it does NOT use HTML “iframes!”
  • It is extremely easy to set up, requiring 17.43 seconds of your time on average. It’s downloaded and installed like any other WordPress plugin and there’s only one field to fill in (the activation key) to activate all of the plugin’s functionality.
  • The plugin is exceptionally fast. In some cases, loading the MLS data is actually faster than loading the WordPress data!
  • It has fanatical attention to detail, which is reflected in search engine rankings. The HTML that the plugin outputs is semantically correct and is streamlined for speed, the HTML title and meta name="description" tags are supported (meta name="description" through many of the WordPress SEO packs), and the dynamic URLs reflect the content on the page. A large number of simliar details too numerous to mention are built into the core of the plugin.
  • It has built-in support for WordPress shortcodes, allowing bloggers to embed live listing data from the MLS into their blog posts / pages. Adding / editing these shortcodes is made easy by using the tools that dsIDXpress builds into WordPress’s page / post editor.
    • The idx-listings shortcode embeds listings for particular areas into a blog post / page. For example, if a blogger typed [idx-listings city="Laguna Beach" count="10"] into their post, the 10 newest listings from the MLS in Laguna Beach would show up in place of that text when the post is displayed; each listing / photo links to the full property details. The data is live, so whether the post is viewed the next day or the next month, the 10 newest listings would always be displayed.
    • The idx-listing shortcode embeds a single listing into a blog post / page. For example, putting [idx-listing mlsnumber="U8000471"] into the post would show the LIVE primary information for that MLS #. If the price gets changed, photos get added, the property goes off the market, or otherwise anything at all changes, the data will always reflect the changes from the MLS. A blogger could also use the showall="true" option (i.e. [idx-listing mlsnumber="U8000471" showall="true"]) to show ALL of the data for that area (extended details and features, price changes, schools, and even a map that will show up in Google Reader).
  • It comes with a number of built-in IDX widgets that allow bloggers to rapidly start embedding the MLS data into the blog.
    • The IDX Listings widget allows the blog owner to show listings within an area (city, community, tract, or zip), show their own listings, show their office’s listings, or show listings based on a completely customizable search. The widget can be configured to show up to 50 listings at a time and can be set to show the properties in a list, on a map, or in a detailed slideshow.
    • The IDX Areas widget allows the blog owner to display a simple list of links to the different areas (cities, communities, tracts, or zips) they service. This makes it super easy for both website visitors and search engines to view all of the listings in that area.
    • The IDX Search widget allows the blog owner to show an MLS search form. The results are displayed as HTML on the user’s blog.
  • The plugin has a great deal of intelligent URL handling functionality built-in. It supports and actively enforces canonical URLs and 301 redirects where appropriate to the functionality of the IDX. The URL structure itself is designed to be clean, simple, and readable.
    • A property URL is in the form of /mls-<MLS_NUMBER>-address. For example, the url for MLS # L29755 looks like this: yourblog.com/idx/mls-l29755-2665_riviera_dr_laguna_beach_ca_92651. If the address changes, a 301 redirect is issued to the new URL.
    • The search results URL is in the form of /city/<CITY_NAME>. Similar to the property URLs, 301 redirects are issued where appropriate to ensure that the base URL is always correct.
    • Canonical URLs are set for every IDX page to ensure search engines know the “true” url for the content — even when the base URL is correct.
  • … and so much more!

If you’d like to see the plugin in action, you can check out our dsIDXpress demo site. If you’d like to read more or purchase this plugin, please take a look at our dsIDXpress site. Finally, if you’d like to obtain a demo activation key to use this plugin on your own blog, you can request one on our “Try It Out!” page.

Note: If you’re searching for idx press, idxpress, ds idxpress, id xpress, or id express, this is the plugin you’re probably looking for.


  • Example use of the idx-listings shortcode within a blog post.
  • Example use of the idx-listing shortcode within a blog post.
  • The IDX Areas widget and the IDX Search widget embedded into the sidebar.
  • The three different modes of the IDX Listings widget embedded into the sidebar.
  • Partial screenshot of the property details with photo slideshow.
  • Partial screenshot of the property results.


  1. Go to your WordPress admin area, then go to the “Plugins” area, then go to “Add New”.
  2. Search for “dsidxpress” (sans quotes) in the plugin search box.
  3. Click “Install” on the right, then click “Install” at the top-right in the window that comes up.
  4. Go to the “Settings” -> “dsIDXpress” area.
  5. Fill in the dsIDXpress activation key.

For a more detailed installation guide, please take a look at the install wiki.

You should read the getting started guide after installing this plugin.


Installation Instructions
  1. Go to your WordPress admin area, then go to the “Plugins” area, then go to “Add New”.
  2. Search for “dsidxpress” (sans quotes) in the plugin search box.
  3. Click “Install” on the right, then click “Install” at the top-right in the window that comes up.
  4. Go to the “Settings” -> “dsIDXpress” area.
  5. Fill in the dsIDXpress activation key.

For a more detailed installation guide, please take a look at the install wiki.

You should read the getting started guide after installing this plugin.

How often will the data on my blog be updated?

With most MLS’s, the data will be pushed to your blog every 2 hours. With other MLS’s, data updates could take as long as 24 hours.

Can I use this without being a member of an MLS?

No. Due to MLS rules, we can only provide activation keys to MLS members.

Can I use this without an activation key if I’m a member of an MLS?

No. The data comes from our (Diverse Solutions’) servers, and we require an activation key before any of the data is released.

How much will an activation key cost?

You can find the pricing information on the dsIDXpress pricing page.

How do I get more information?

For more info on this plugin, please check out the dsIDXpress product page. You can also contact our sales department if you have questions.


Total Crap. Do not buy.

Broke with no warning and is not being compatible with SSL. I have used probably hundreds of plugins over the years and never had an experience this bad. I have never before left a bad review, because I believe people are generally doing the best job they can, but I would hate to see someone else waste their time.

Technical Support POOR

They took the live feed down for maintenance claiming that it would last about 12 hours. It has now been 3 days and nothing works. This is the second time this happened. They are totally unresponsive when they have this kind of problem. Will be looking for something better and more reliable

Nice in the surface only

IDX pages generated by this plugin produces literally thousands of errors when running SEO audits with SEranking.com and other services such as Semrush.com. Helps to slow down the speed of our websites. Many IDX pictures are not optimized. We have been struggling to make our sites better for over a year but we are learning this plugin is not friendly at all. Besides, it is not SSL friendly and we have been told for over a year they are working on it. They keep saying they must complete the spin off from Zillow to work on this important issue for several months now. We do not recommend.

Some Nice Features, But No SSL or PHP 7 Support

I like how this plugin integrates with our theme, and the fact that the data is displayed as part of the site instead of in a frame. We found it necessary to upgrade to the Pro version in order to get the functionality we needed.

My main complaints about the plugin are based on the continued lack of SSL and PHP 7 support. With the warnings about insecure connections that current versions of browsers display, what customer is going to sign up for an account using the tools this plugin includes?

Still, this plugin was the best of the alternatives when we developed our site a few years ago.

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Contributors & Developers

“dsIDXpress IDX Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Updated compatibility notes for PHP versions, plugin versions, and WP versions.


  • Removed references to “Parking” and “Open House” filters.
  • Images are now getting displayed on a listing displayed on social media posts


  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to access their admin consoles due to plugin configuration


  • Support for up to WP 4.8.1
  • Deprecated widgets (Affordability, Open House, Area Statistics)
  • Updated plugin branding
  • Updated admin configuration to remove deprecated widgets
  • Moved to a new versioning scheme (2.x.x represents the compatibility level [which has not changed], x.4.x represents the release number, x.x.0 indicates the hotfix level)


  • Support for WP 4.7