• First, I am not a WordPress developer which I think is important to know since I am not reviewing how usable Diverse Solutions IDX property search is to install and maintain on a WordPress site.

    This review is for realtors who are looking for IDX home search solution for their websites. I only chose Diverse Solutions as my MLS provider did not support some of the other highly reviewed WordPress IDX plugin solutions.

    If you are looking for IDX software that is modern, beautiful, and well supported in terms of being evolved by the development team, I personally would look elsewhere, which is what I’m doing as I never wanted to promote my blog or website due to the sub-par UX of Diverse Solutions.

    Note they have a 30 day cancellation policy.

    Diverse Solutions IDX has several major flaws:

    1. The user experience is old fashioned and the software is not being updated to address basic issues like having the MLS number in the H1 along with an address even if a house is not for sale. (They’re not fixing this.)
    2. Sold / off market listings are difficult to see compared to active listings since the only indication it is sold is an 8 point mls status line buried along with other home details. Compare that to any other real estate website where it’s obvious what a house status is. (They’re not fixing this.)
    3. Things like wanting to show the “top 25 most expensive homes” on a blog post are not doable. They’ll show a few then there’s a tiny link below the several listings to go view all listings. This takes you away from the blog post with a heading to see listings “matching your search” even though the website visitor didn’t actually conduct a search. (They’re not fixing this.)
    4. Often it was difficult to get an address to show up even by typing a few characters when a house had been on the market for a while. Additionally trying to figure out what Diverse IDX wanted you to type in to get correct results was a mystery.
    5. Can Diverse Solutions overlay a pop up of listing information when you click a house listing on a map? I don’t know but currently on my site where I will be removing Diverse Solutions it goes to a new page. You will long forget you were ever on a neighborhood guide unless you love using a Back button.

      Do I have any positive things to say about Diverse Solutions? It can be a way to generate leads, if you decide it’s good enough to want to promote it.

    As of 2023 the price went up $15 / month. Yet there is no evidence why and especially when enhancements are concerned.

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