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  • Exactly, this is what we are looking for as well.

    I’m curious too. Thanks!

    Also waiting for that function. Would be awesome.

    +1 Please

    I am looking for a solution to this as well. It surprises me that Yoast folks have not issued any mention of universal analytics, since their plugin is one of the most popular. I may be forced to switch to an alternative soon. A response from them would be greatly appreciated.

    me too waiting for that update. Google universal analytic is essential now. pls update it soon

    I wonder if anyone else in considering uninstalling this plugin in favor of the plugin called “Google Universal Analytics plugin” I would prefer not to go through this process so I plan to wait another few weeks to see if the GA for WP plugin supports the change but would like to hear what others are saying

    I’m hoping that the reason for the delay is because some major upgrade is being created, but I think it would be great to have some response from Yoast about that. Incorporating GTM might be exciting.

    As things are at the moment, I am getting nervous that the GA tracking plugin is not going to be developed.

    I have not got this to work – please see the support topic called Demographics and Interest Reports in Google Analytics for fruther information.

    Does anyone know exactly when the switch to Universal will be? Would love to have an answer to if this plugin will by updated for it by the time of the Google Universal release, all my developer friends and contacts have the same question and are getting ready to switch plugins…

    I am looking forward to that too, as this plugin is awesome!
    I guess it is not easy to develope it.


    It’s clear that Yoast is working on a beta V5 of Google Analytics for WordPress. I just looked at his home page source. Of course, no word on when it debuts.

    Thank you. That’s very encouraging news. I’m very impressed by Yoast’s products and attitude, so I’m not keen to switch in the long term.

    I am also bit concerned about stability of this plugin regarding universal analytics and new event tracking code. Since code is changed, I assume that everyone with new universal tracking code can’t use this plugin? Can anyone explain how it works now?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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