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[Resolved] Theme crashed

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  • Plugin Author imath


    yes it’s the plugin you use for your share box at the left side of your layout that uses get_the_title i think.

    What’s the url of this plugin so that i figure out the best way to avoid this ?

    Hmm, this is integrated into my theme its no extra plugin

    Plugin Author imath


    Let me guess, it’s a premium theme 😉

    Then you’ll have to find in its code the portion where the floating bar is using the function get_the_title or the_title and tell me from what hook it uses it and with what priority.. else i can’t do anything for you, sorry.

    I have asked in the support forum, you will get answer soon

    Ok, here ist the code, I hope it helps

    <?php if($oswc_share_email_show) { ?>

    <!– Email –>
    <div class=”panel” title=”Email to a friend”>
    &body=<?php the_title(); ?> – <?php echo rawurlencode(the_permalink()) ?>” target=”_blank” class=”share-email”> 

    <?php } ?>

    OK here again

    <div class="panel" title="Email to a friend">
                            <a href="mailto:type%20email%20address%20here?subject=I%20wanted%20to%20share%20this%20post%20with%20you%20from%20<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>&body=<?php the_title(); ?> - <?php echo rawurlencode(the_permalink()) ?>" target="_blank" class="share-email">&nbsp;</a>
    Plugin Author imath


    How is it inserted in the process ?

    Is it using a hook like add_action(‘wp_head’…) or is it hardcoded in a template and if so in what tempate ?

    Sorry, but I don´t know anything of this. I´m not a coder. Can you say me speacialy what you need?

    Plugin Author imath


    Well i don’t know what to add to my last reply !!

    How the share box is loaded in the blog ?
    Is it using a hook like add_action(‘wp_head’), if so with what priority ? or is it always in the different templates (hardcoded) ?

    OK, perhaps this helps, I got this answer of the support forum:

    You’ll notice the WordPress function being used to get the title in that line of code is:
    <?php the_title(); ?>

    Plugin Author imath


    i’ve noticed already. but still how this code is added to content ?

    OK, I asked again in the support Forum and I got this answer:

    It’s hard-coded in the template files. For instance, page.php line 26:

    Code: Select all
    <div class=”hide-responsive”><?php if(get_post_type()!=’forum’) {oswc_get_template_part(‘sharebox’);}// show the sharebox ?></div>

    You can see there it gets excluded for pages that are in the “forum” post type, so it will not display on forum pages.

    I hope it helps

    Plugin Author imath


    Ok hardcoded 🙁

    Well can you try to edit the code they gave you like this :

    <div class="hide-responsive">
    <?php if( !in_array( get_post_type(), array( 'forum', 'topic', 'reply' ) ) ) {oswc_get_template_part('sharebox');}// show the sharebox ?></div>

    it should fix the trouble.

    Hi, sorry that I needed so long to answer. I tried your code but there was the problem, that I couldn´t see any sharebox.

    Plugin Author imath


    Well, that’s what your theme support gave you, i simply made sure that all the post types involved in bbPress are taking in account (see #3935007).
    When i asked you if the sharebox was inserted using a hook, that’s because it’s the only way for me to remove my filters….

    The last way to have your sharebox and the support mention before the title of the topic is to try something like this in your sharebox portion of code :

    remove_filter('the_title', 'bpbbpst_bbpress_change_topic_title', 99, 2 );?>
    <div class="hide-responsive">
    <?php oswc_get_template_part('sharebox');// show the sharebox ?></div>
    add_filter('the_title', 'bpbbpst_bbpress_change_topic_title', 99, 2 );
Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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