• WordPress needed this. There are similar plugins but this one seems cleaner, and has more/better features.

    I have an issue though. I have three WordPress installations currently. With one of them the user-switching feature works. With the other two, it does not. I will click switch user and it redirects to the front end of my site but I am still logged in as the admin.

    One of the two that doesn’t work has very few plugins installed which initially is making me lean away from it being a plugin conflict.

    I’m wondering if it’s a cookie issue. If I use the feature on one site and it sets a browser cookie, then I go to another WordPress site to use the same tool, could there be a cookie conflict?

    My only advice right now, if you have not yet, is to try testing this plugin with multiple live WordPress sites. I’m really hoping this can get figured out because I love all of the other features and information the plugin gives my users page.

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  • Plugin Author Deryck


    Hi, @wilcosky I’m glad to know you found the plugin useful. Also want to thank you for taking the time to do a review and with positive opinions.

    Regarding the cookie issue. This plugin was reviewed by Nathan Ingram from iThemes Training and during the live demo, he had a similar issue. After multiple tests, we found it was an issue with some plugins installed on his website. That leads me to do multiple tests even after I did so many tests before publishing the plugin. However I can’t guaranty that another plugin will no introduce a conflict or even min can do.

    That’s why I respectfully want to ask you in you can send me the list of the plugins you are using to try to reproduce the same scenario and see if something fails.

    You can also try disabling all your plugins, or in groups, or one by one, and see if still fails. I really want to find the root cause of this so any help will be highly appreciated.


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    Thanks for the tip! I’ve used WordPress for many years and I know disabling plugins is the way to go. I still seem to have a mental block when it comes to disabling plugins though. My brain doesn’t like to do it. 😂 I need to get over that.

    I used the site health check and troubleshooting plugin which I recently discovered lets you, a little more easily, disable plugins and troubleshoot safely.

    It seems like the problem could be user/membership plugins.

    At one site I use “WP User Manager.” This plugin conflicts.

    At the other site I use “WP Ulike Pro” (the pro version includes member features like a login form). This plugin also conflicts.

    It makes sense because any plugin that is trying to do things with members, login, and possibly blocking / restricting parts of WordPress, could conflict with a user plugin like yours.

    However, I’ll end with noting that the popular User Switching plugin that has been around for many years works fine with these plugins. I wonder how they coded their user switcher? 🤔

    Plugin Author Deryck


    @wilcosky thanks for your feedback. I installed both plugins, activated them one by one, and tested them, enabling all possible features. Even logged in using the plugin login form. In both case I was able to switch users and get back to the previous user without issues.

    I really want to find and fix any possible conflict but haven’t succeeded in finding one. Perhaps you can help me there, in case you are interested. We can test it together using your websites.

    In https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-toolkit/ you can find further info regarding the cookies. The plugin force a login using the standard process in WordPress and adds two extra cookies for tracking and be able to return to the previous user.

    • wp_usrtk_user_from_{COOKIEHASH}
    • wp_usrtk_user_switched_{COOKIEHASH}

    Looking forward to hear more from you on this, in case you can, of course.

    Thanks for the review 🙂

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    Plugin Author Deryck


    @wilcosky I found the issue related to WP User Manager and it’s very likely the same was happening with WP Ulike Pro. Both plugins can restrict access to wp-login.php in settings and User Toolkit was relying on a hook on that page to make the switch.

    I’m glad to confirm it’s fixed and tested several times.

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    Yes! 🙌 It’s fixed. Thank you so much. I love this plugin!

    Plugin Author Deryck


    Glad to read that!

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