• It won’t let you search by the Google geolocation information users enter. You have to go into each and every entry manually and place a pin on the map. Not a realistic solution if your site gets more than a few posts per day.

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  • Plugin Author Eyal Fitoussi



    You are using Formidable Forms plugin to submit entries to your site. No where on GEO my WP plugin’s description it says that it integrates with Formidable forms out of the box.

    You contacted me asking about Formidable Geolocation which is a different plugin of mine. And I explained to you that the Formidable Geolocation plugin does allow you to add location to your Formidable Forms and it does integrate with GEO my WP.

    using GEO my WP you can add location to your posts and you can create proximity search forms that will search and find those posts based on location and distance. That’s what in the plugin’s description and that is exactly what it does.

    Your misunderstanding of what GEO my WP does is the result of this irrelevant review.

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