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GEO my WordPress

Using Google's API tools GEO my WP provides an advance proximity search for any post type or buddypress's members based on a given address a

GEO my WP is the complete GEO solution for your WordPress project. Using google API tool GEO my WP let you add location to any of your post types, pages or BuddyPress members. After adding your locations you can create an advance search form including radius values, units (miles and kilometers) and custom taxonomies for post types or profile fields for Buddypress. Results will be displayed based on the address entered and the chosen radius ordered by the distance. Together with other great features like auto locating user's current location, displaying driving distance, "get directions" link, google map with markers of the location and much more, GEO my WP just might be the coolest GEO tool for WordPress.

Key features of GEO my WP

  • Works with posts, post types and pages - Add location to any of your post, post types or pages.
  • Works with Buddypress - Buddypress members can add their location.
  • GEO my WP let you search by city, zip code or any given form of address.
  • Use auto locator to get user's current location.
  • Use the auto locator to automatically display results near user's location.
  • Search within any radius chosen from a dropdown menu.
  • For post types - Use categories (custom taxonomies) to filter results.
  • For Buddypress - Use profile fields for complex results filtering.
  • Search by miles or kilometers
  • Display Google map with the markers of the locations and information window for each marker.
  • Display the exact driving distance using Google's API.
  • "Get directions" link opens a new window with the driving directions to the location.
  • Pagination - choose the number of results per page.

General settings

  • User friendly backend where each feature and setting documented.
  • Enter your Google API key
  • Choose your region.
  • Choose if automatically gets user's current location when first visits the site.
  • Choose autolocator icon or add your own.
  • Choose the Post types where you want to add location.
  • Choose the theme color that will control the Title, links and address in the results.

"New/Update" page in admin area:

  • Address fields are automatically created for the chosen post types.
  • Meta boxes for phone number, fax number, email address and website that will show in results and in map's information windows.
  • Meta boxes for opening days & hours.
  • Make address fields mandatory to make sure that users enter an address when creating a new post.
  • 5 different way to enter address and lat/long:
  • Autolocate the current location.
  • Autocomplete input fields that get results from google.
  • Drag and drop marker on the map to choose the location.
  • Enter address manually and return lat/long
  • Enter lat/long manually and return the address


  • Add new "location" tab to member's profile page.
  • Members can easily add their location.
  • Create an advance search form to locate members near a certain address.


  • Shortcode for single location - displays map of a single location.
  • Shortcode for user's location- display the user's location everywhere on the template. Can choose between zipcode or city. and can choose if to display user's name when logged in.

Forms builder in the admin settings make it easier to build you own forms; And you can build as many as you wish.

  • Choose between post type or buddypress shortcose.
  • Post type Forms accept single or multiple post types that will appear in a dropdown menu.
  • For single post type you can add the categories of the post type to filter results.
  • For buddypress you can choose any or all profile fields to filter results.
  • Choose between Miles, Kilometers or both in a dropdown.
  • Choose the radius values.
  • Results output - Display Post only, map only or both.
  • Display Google's map with markers and define its height and width.
  • Choose between autozoom the map (show all markers) or manually choose the zoom value.
  • Show/hide exact driving distance.
  • Show/hide "get directions" link.
  • Number of results per page.
  • Show/hide feature image
  • Show/hide excerpt and number of words.
  • Different results styling to choose from.
  • and more.....


  • Search form widget to display any search from in the sidebar.
  • User's location widget to displays the user's location in the sidebar.
  • Buddypress Member's location.


GEO my WP is currently available in the following languages:

Requires: 4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.3
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


2 of 6 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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