• the plugin isnt bad…except u have to do some coding to get rid of an annoying spam caption about another plugin they make that appears on EVERY SINGE PAGE of the back end.

    it seems tons of ppl have complained, but the stupid spam caption remains, and with no easy way to turn it off.

    to the devs: ur decision to include this bit of spam, and make it hard to turn off, and ignore the million ppl before me that have complained of the very same thing has turned an otherwise 4 star rating into a single star. now is it really worth it?

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  • Could you please email all relevant details to plugins [at] wordpress.org? If this plugin is breaking WPORG’s plugin guidelines, then it will be removed from the plugin repository until the issue is resolved.

    idk about any broken rules. just bad taste, imho. but then again, they dont owe me anything anyway.</context>

    We do rely on users to help us maintain the quality of plugins in the WPORG Plugin Repository. so please do consider passing this information on.

    sometimes i wonder if there arent too many mods here.

    Sorry? What does that have to do with anything. We have just the number of forum moderators we need.

    RandomName – 70k+ users to less than 40 moderators? No, I don’t think we have too many mods 🙂

    However. Yes, that’s violating the rules. It’s also bad taste. I’ll contact them about this. And we really DO want you to email us at plugins at wordpress.org when you see this stuff! We want you to have a nice experience using plugins.

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    WPMU DEV Support Staff

    Hey guys, sorry this got overlooked in the latest update 2 weeks ago. We have to merge the code from the premium version, and the developer missed removing that notice that is used for updates of premium products. We don’t add this normally to wp.org releases, was an accident.

    It’s gone in 4.4.5.

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