• The following banner will be displayed at the top of the plugin.
    Please tell me how to remove this banner.

    【Important: Some Solid Security features are disabled because IP Detection has not been configured. Configure Now】

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  • Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hi @yuyu009!

    Very glad you reached out! What you are seeing is a result of some changes made in the latest version that’s ultimately a security feature. I’m happy to explain (it’s a bit of a long story…).

    WordPress requires that plugins hosted on their servers (including Solid Security Basic) not “phone home” or send requests back to our servers without explicitly asking for permission and having users like you opt in. We are very careful to follow those rules, which are put in place for your protection.

    A feature of Solid Security (and iThemes Security before it) is IP detection, for the purposes of locking out bad actors by IP address.

    The best way to handle detecting of IP addresses is by handling IP detection on our servers. But since we can’t do that without your permission, for years we’ve had a fallback method of using IP detection on the server where your site is hosted.

    Recently it was determined that this method (IP detection on your servers) is not secure, and can be used in malicious ways. So we removed it.

    That means that in order to do IP detection at all, you’ll need to opt in, which is possible in the settings at Security > Settings > Global Settings > IP Detection. Select “Security Check Scan” and save the settings, and you’ll be all set.

    Finally, just a heads up that a better place to get support is the support forums, not the reviews!

    I’d love to earn back the missing stars in your review here. How can we do that?

    At the least the link in the notification could explain the steps and take to to the correct page.

    There is no option to select “security scan (recommended)”. Only appear “Manual” & “Inactive”. This is the issue.
    Previous version there was 3 options:
    – security scan (recommended)
    – Manual
    – Inactive
    After upgrade to last versiones “Security Scan (recommended)” doesn’t appear.

    Plugin Support Ben Meredith


    Hey @equanimityes apologies for my lack of clarity! I see that you’re right. In order for the additional option to display, you have to first opt into “Security Check Pro” in the settings at Security > Settings > Features, and then navigate to the IP detection settings where you will see the additional option. Here’s a short screencast showing that:


    Hi Ben,

    When I try to select “Security Check Pro” options, Enforce SSL option is off automatically and the “Secutiy Check Pro” is off again (automatically). I can not activate the option “Secutiy Check Pro”, never is activated

    Finally Security Check pro opttion was ON. although the inteface didn’t show it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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