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  • Resolved Christian Freeman (codelion)


    Hi guys. I only have this one issue standing in the way of me purchasing the Pro Version.

    After modifying index.phtml, I am now able to see the rest of my theme. But there is some kind of code conflict w/ the sidbars that you’ve coded into the plugin, and the sidebar that I have built into my theme.

    My sidebars are showing up on the page, but for some reason, they are showing up outside of the div that they are normally contained in. And this is causing both sidebars to show up at the bottom of the page (they’re actually off of the page).

    If you can help me figure out how to get my theme working with this plugin, it would be much appreciated.

    Here’s the link to my Q & A page:

    [That’s WAAAY too much code to post here – you need to use a pastebin – please see: see:

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  • Ok, it looks like I figured it out myself. I was missing a div tag on index.phtml.

    One quick question though. I’m creating a learning environment and within this environment, I have classrooms set up. I need each classroom to have its own Q & A functionality. If I purchase the PRO plugin, can I set up categories and use each category to represent each individual classroom? And if so, can I only display the questions and answers from each class based on the category?

    Is this possible with the PRO version? And if so, how could I set this up?

    Hi the max. How did you fix it?

    Plugin Author CreativeMinds


    Hi, pro version supports this. We are going to release this week an Ajax based category insertion which will also solve some problems arising from need t modify templet in most cases

    I also have been testing the free version to see if it would be worthwhile investing in the pro version and … I am also having problem getting the forum to display on a page with my sidebar. I am using the basic 2010 theme and don’t know what else to try to get the forum to show my sidebar?? TL2TM can you please explain how you got your sidebars back?

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