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  • Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    Yes! For the content you can use [ratingwidget post_id=123]. For PHP, use rw_get_post_rating($postID) and rw_the_post_rating($postID).

    Hi, do you have any documentation for shortcodes? (for pages, posts, what is the right strucutre, and so on).. BTW I love your widget, quite simple and very usefull..

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    @jaykaycz thanks for the warm feedback.

    For posts:
    a) Current post rating – [ratingwidget]
    b) Specified post rating – [ratingwidget post_id=123]

    For pages:
    a) Current page rating – [ratingwidget type="page"]
    b) Specified page rating – [ratingwidget type="page" post_id=123]

    Btw. I would really appreciate if you could spend 60 sec rating the plugin on WP to help us spread the word (don’t forget to click the Post button to submit the rating):

    I’d like to use this for Photo Galleries.
    For some reason, though I manually inserted the shortcode into the body of the gallery item, it doesn’t appear on the front end.

    If from the WP Backend I select the gallery’s photo in question, the ratings appear on it’s own page. I can PM you a URL to view.

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    @alwahsh14 did you try to put the PHP shortcodes?

    e.g. rw_the_post_rating($postID)

    Hi Vova, ]

    I’d like to drop the widget which contains a summary of the top 10 liked posts onto a page using a shortcode or something sinmilar.

    Is there a way to display the top ten without having to place a widget on the page – ie use a shortcode?

    Any helps would be much appreciated


    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    Hey Andrew, adding a shortcode for top 10 liked posts is a great idea. I’ve added it to the TODOs list.

    Tried everything I could to get this to work, including the shortcodes here in this thread. I keep getting this returned in my DOM where the rating widget should be…

    <div class="rw-ui-container rw-class-blog-post rw-urid-19550"></div>

    Could be a problem with child-pages maybe??? I don’t know… Moving on to the next rating plugin.

    Same thing for me talymo32 🙁

    I wanted to use it for photos of bp-media and it was working well. Now bp-media changed view: it’s in modal window, simulating lightbox effect and ratings are gone.

    I tried placing:
    where I wanted rating to show, but all I get is this:

    <div class=”rw-ui-container rw-class-blog-post rw-urid-19550″></div>

    Any ideas Vova? It’s important for us to have ratings on photos.

    I think I know why plugin breaks on modal :/
    There is duplicated id in modal, so it’s probably that what confuses rating widget

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    @gmarco24 and @talymo32, you are definitely in the right direction here, but you are missing a small part. Placing rw_the_post_rating($postID) in the PHP is correct, but the JS must be notified that the rating element must be rendered. Unfortunately, currently there’s no way to render specific rating, though you can re-render the whole ratings. Try to add this into your lightbox:

    <?php rw_the_post_rating($postID); ?>
    <script type="text/javascript">

    Let me know if that worked.

    Anyhow, @gmarco24 please tell me exactly what WP version and bp-media are you using and I’ll add it to our TODOs list.

    Thanks for the quick answer Vova, I really appreciate that and it shows you take your work seriously.

    That code didn’t work. As before, rating is not appearing at all. WordPress and bp-media are latest versions now, so WP 3.5.1 and bp-media is 2.15.1.

    I really like your plugin and I hope this little issue will be fixed soon 🙂

    Hi, Vova! I want to add “thumbs” manually in my template. I use rw_the_post_rating($postID) but displaying default stars.
    What reason may be?

    Plugin Author Vova Feldman


    @masinizator Did you configure any of the rating types (e.g. posts, pages,…) as a thumb rating?

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