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    The idea is great. I just gave 5 stars because the other ratings are not shown on first sight. There are several features missing, not working or not intuitive enough. It can be nice but its not at that point yet.

    The developer doesnt seem to use the plugin hisself which is why i just tell a few here:

    – Voting is just possible in one status
    – users have to use the WP login to revote/contribute new Ideas
    – the account situation is not intuitive (e.g the username is not the name, a WP user creation is barely recognizable for “muggles”)
    – there is no “real” guest voting
    – even tho i got the PRO version, settings are to limited in quite many cases
    – the PRO version enables all PRO features and seems to be usable limetless without Product key and Updates
    – new ideas in approved state have to be “published” by WP logic before frontend visibility

    In short. The basic key-features are not ready yet. Intuitivity, basic features and backand options must be further developed before production ready use.

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  • Plugin Author Northern Beaches Websites


    Hi @jonasmenter,

    Thanks for your kind review, I really appreciate it! I will just put some comments to address your points which you might find helpful:

    1. You can vote on other statuses, we have a developer filter for this which is outlined in the plugin settings help tab page. Please see the FAQ question: “I am a developer, do you provide any filters?” and then see the filter: Allowed Idea Statuses for Voting
    2. That’s right, the reason for this though is to prevent vote rigging and idea creation spam. In an alternative universe if we created a plugin where it was just open voting and open idea creation, we would just get inundated by requests saying people are voting a gazillion times for their own idea and we can’t trust any of the voting or that all these ideas are being created with porn and other potentially illegal stuff. So this the reason for things, but I appreciate it may not work for everyone.
    3. We also have a developer filter to change the name displayed (I think this is what you mean), please see the help tab for this as per point 1, and this filter is: Modify Users Name
    4. I mentioned the reason for this in point 2.
    5. We don’t have a setting for everything, this is why we provide some developer filters and actions to do some things and to provide full flexibility in some areas. If there’s something that is not getting the result you want, please email me at: info@northernbeacheswebsites.com.au as you are a pro user 🙂 But yes check through the FAQ as you might find additional possibilities there.
    6. In the pro version, if you put in your purchase email and order ID it enables you to get support and ongoing updates. If you don’t put the order ID and purchase email you can’t get this. And this is how the far majority of pro plugins work – and we are the good guys here. Because the other types of pro plugins available actually shutoff access completely if you don’t have a pro licence and we just don’t find this to be totally ethical and sometimes for example our customers have staging sites on different domains where they need to test things, so we don’t think we are serving them in being too controlling around licensing.
    7. I am not sure if I fully understand this issue, but what I would say is, if you go to the “Boards” tab, see the 3rd setting “Hold Ideas” if this is set to yes, the admin must approve the idea before published. But if it is set to no, the idea is published automatically without any intervention. So maybe you have set this to no, but it would be better in your circumstance to set this to yes. But yes ideas if created in the backend follow the usual WordPress logic, that is, if a post is draft, it won’t show on the frontend, and this seems to make a lot of sense and it’s what everyone is used to in terms of whether posts are visible or not.

    I really hope that helps. Please yell out if you need anything and thanks once again for your feedback 🙂

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