With IdeaPush you can add an awesome feature/idea request system to WordPress. Use IdeaPush to generate new ideas or get feedback from actual users and customers or use it as a support triage system or use it for something else!

Watch the plugin walkthrough:

Check out the demo page here and submit an idea for the plugin.

Rich and extensive notifications

Easily activate automatic notifications for the administrator, idea authors or voters for a range of actions. Use our simple but powerful shortcode generator to make your email subject and content dynamic, relevant and personalised.

Intelligent voting

Enable users or guests to vote on ideas with an up vote only or an up and down vote so poor ideas can be buried and good ideas can rise. Place a daily maximum voting limit on voting to prevent misuse. Set a vote threshold for your board so ideas automatically change status when the vote goal is reached.

Fast idea creation

With an accessible form users or guests can create new ideas and assign ideas tags and an attachment. Like votes, new ideas can have a daily limit so things don’t get out of control. Eliminate bot ideas with built-in honeypot and math problem protection. When new ideas are submitted, ideas can either be automatically published or get assigned a pending status for administrator approval. Upgrade to pro to show suggested ideas to users whilst they write a new idea to prevent duplication.

Easy to use and fast setup

The admin interface is well organised and provides extensive options for customising the plugin. Create a new board in seconds and add the board shortcode provided to any post or page.

Statuses to keep things organised

Statuses keep your ideas organised and logical within a typical development workflow. Ideas when created are set to open and are set to reviewed when the vote goal has been reached and can then be changed to approved or declined and then to in progress and completed. Ideas can be edited in the backend like any other WordPress post. Optionally, tags can be used as a secondary categorisation method to better manage ideas.

Beautiful, dynamic and intuitive user interface

Great attention to detail has been made to bring the frontend design to a professional level. IdeaPush is a dynamic Ajax powered interface so ideas move up and down as a vote gets cast. When ideas are sorted to show ideas by the most popular, recent, trending, your own ideas or ideas you have voted on, new ideas are fetched. Ideas can also be filtered by status or tags to create specific lookups of ideas.

Or better yet, use our super powerful live search filter to search idea titles, content, authors and tags with search phrase highlighting.

Each idea has its own page for sharing and SEO purposes and for administrators there are quick action buttons on the single idea page to bring idea triage to the frontend. Upgrade to pro to remove the single idea page.

Other things

  • The plugin tightly integrates with existing WordPress functions
  • Translate certain things in the plugin settings and translate the rest using Poedit – German has already been done!
  • WPML compatible
  • Enable or disable comments for ideas
  • An array of action hooks for other developers to sink their teeth into
  • You can choose to make a board available only to a certain user role or hide a board from WordPress search
  • It’s mobile responsive

Upgrade to pro

Upgrade to pro to unlock multiple boards and our powerful idea suggestion system to minimise duplicate ideas and so much more!

All pro features

  • The ability to create multiple boards
  • Idea and tag suggestion system when users are creating a new idea to minimise duplicate ideas and tags
  • Shows related ideas on the single idea page
  • A beautiful idea history timeline on the editing interface so you can see and track the status of and idea and how it has changed over time and the ability to add an internal note to an idea
  • The ability to send an email to voters or the author of an idea with a custom and dynamic text
  • Track the activity of your ideas and votes over time and by user via the reports menu item
  • The ability to disable the single ideas page
  • An awesome integration with Zendesk
  • A simple but powerful integration with MailChimp
  • Ability to create challenges
  • Custom fields and multiple form settings
  • User idea editing and deleting
  • Leaderboards
  • An awesome integration with Jira
  • Merge duplicate ideas
  • Have multiple users on the same IP address

Pro customers will also enjoy priority support and theming assistance so IdeaPush looks just right.

Learn more about IdeaPush Pro here


  • The main board display showing the the ideas on the left and the idea creation form on the right
  • The single idea display with quick edit functions for administrators only
  • Live searching/filtering
  • Create a board in seconds
  • Extensive notification options
  • Rename statuses
  • Change the primary color of links and icons
  • Translate the form fields


There are a few options for installing and setting up this plugin.

Upload Manually

  1. Download and unzip the plugin
  2. Upload the ‘idea-push’ folder into the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Go to the Plugins admin page and activate the plugin

Install via the Admin Area

  1. In the admin area go to Plugins > Add New and search for “IdeaPush”
  2. Click install and then click activate


Please check out the Support tab in the plugin settings for FAQ’s


It will be nice when its finished

I really wanted this but a number of things were flaky in the test. But the biggest issue is with accessibility. Lots of unreadable text. All the submit forms have text in the input. Often not there at all or at least unreadable with my theme. I started fixing everything with custom CSS and code but I don’t have that kinda time. Too bad.

Good plugin, great support

Had a few requests for filters and hooks and I received a response within 24 hours. They not only explained very clearly what was already available, but they also implemented some new filters based on my feedback and deployed them immediately. Incredibly helpful.

Great plugin

Very excited about the plugin. It meets a great neat for our site without us having to develop the same functionality. Nice feature set and not too difficult to skin will.

Awesome plugin!

Great plugin & support. Can have many uses for different kinds of up-voted crowdsourced content. Good design & functionality. Plugin author was super responsive to feedback and this plugin has a ton of potential for growth.

Good job !

Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for your work.
I got a bug : when an idea got reviewed with an upvote, it stayed at open status.
Would be nice too if we could change all the words (for translating).

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Contributors & Developers

“IdeaPush” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


Translate “IdeaPush” into your language.

Interested in development?

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  • Fix to php error which could show on tag page
  • Increase in max file size for attachments


  • Small bug fix to hiding boards from search


  • Pro update – new board setting to enable user account creation on the same IP address! Please see the setting “Enable Multi IP’s” for more information. Please note a lot of changes had to be made across the plugin to accomodate this feature so it is advised to do this update after a week or two from 12/10/18 if you don’t desperately need this feature.


  • Updates to our support terms for free users of the plugin because of increased rule enforcement on WordPress forums
  • Challenges not enabled by default when upgrading from free to pro which can cause confusion
  • Fix for ideas created in the backend and not being able to vote on them


  • Fixed tag link for custom permalink structure


  • Pro update – when merging ideas it will check if the vote threshold has been reached


  • Fixed comment link issue on author pages


  • Now we provide a fallback user name if the first name is not set
  • Improvement to author page in case of custom permalink structure


  • Pro version fix for duplicate idea tool on the single idea page and archive page


  • Fix to voter notifications not working


  • Fix to notification not working caused by version 4.15


  • New notification to send notification to idea author when their idea is published after being on hold


  • Small bug fix when the home url was different to site url which can affect author links
  • Small bug fix when showing related ideas thanks @jenshaizmann


  • Tags are now sorted alphabetically in the board header drop down


  • We now no longer store user ip addresses in usernames and instead use a counter system which is better practice


  • Critical fix for issue caused by recent update in version 4.10


  • Finally a fix for the issue which would create multiple boards unexpectedly


  • Better encapsulation of board header text so you can hide it with css if necessary
  • Pro feature – now admins and editors can mark an idea as a duplicate and merge it with another idea!


  • More advanced tab memory
  • Updated FAQ
  • Pro feature – now there’s a JIRA integration!


  • Prevents redeclaration of function in the shortcode header


  • Fixed bug where if you created a tag in the backend and it had no ideas associated to the tag the tag would not show in tag suggestions


  • Fix when putting custom HTML onto ideas from backend affecting the edit and delete buttons


  • Minor bug fix for showing single idea to non-logged in user to remove PHP error message


  • New setting to prevent user profile editing
  • New filter hooks to modify the users name, link and image – please see FAQ for examples


  • Fixed bug with translation of mobile button not working due to previous update


  • Updated FAQ
  • Fixed pro issue of leaderboard disappearing after idea created


  • Pro feature – a new setting for each board which enables users to edit or delete their ideas from the frontend!
  • Pro feature – now there’s leaderboards which show under the create idea form!
  • Tries to get avatar image if it exists as a fallback


  • Small bug fix when there are no files for an idea


  • Fixed bug when just having 1 custom field


  • Better support for other character types in idea content


  • Fixed bug around custom forms for pro users


  • Fixed bug with pro options checkbox saving


  • Small bug fix for suggested tags if an idea had quotes in the title


  • Now supports other file types for ideas like Word and PDF documents etc.


  • New popup and alert framework which will look and work the same but just cleans up the javascript code a lot
  • Voting is now faster
  • Now author pages (idea creator pages) have standard and proper looking idea layout instead of using default theme author layout


  • Removal of debug info


  • Now you show all statuses in the main idea listing!
  • It is advised to check your “Statuses” settings tab in the plugin settings to ensure the settings are to your desire as new options have been added
  • Significant cleaning up of query code which will make things easier in the future


  • Bug fix for translation of fields affecting free users of the plugin


  • Now shows login link for logged out users
  • Now provides suitable error message when someone tries to create an idea on a different computer but uses the same email


  • Nicer presentation of select items by adjusting the widths better
  • Bug fixes with sharing URL’s with custom parameters


  • Pro Improvement – significantly faster idea suggestions, and a new board setting to choose the scope of ideas to use for the idea suggestions!


  • Pro Improvement – far faster tag suggestions!


  • Pro bug fix – fix to multiple boards being created by the plugin when saving settings


  • Pro bug fix – Radio field groups now act like radio field groups


  • Major pro feature – You can now have multiple form field settings and assign them to each board, you can even add custom fields! For non-pro users the “Idea Form” tab on the plugin settings will take on a different form to allow for this pro feature. This can also be used for GDPR compliance.


  • We now flush the rewrite rules when creating a new idea which means when new ideas are created the tag page is immidiately available – this should have done this a long time ago sorry…
  • Great new PRO feature – On the board settings you can now set the tag scope to being either global or board! So now you can have tags that are only associated with the board or they can go into the global pool of all tags (which was how it was before). To learn more about this please see the new setting description at the bottom of the “Boards” tab on the plugin settings.


  • Now you can create unique button text for the mobile button which displays to create a new idea – please see this in the plugin settings at the bottom of the the ‘Idea Form’ tab called ‘Submit Idea Button’.


  • Now sort criteria is translatable via Poedit


  • Now WPML compatible


  • Pro feature – the introduction of challenges!
  • Bug fix – now you can edit other users profile image from the backend
  • Bug fix – issue with creating a new ideas from backend on behalf of guest users


  • Small readme file update
  • Bug fix for drag and drop image upload for profile picture edit


  • In this version we have removed Google ReCaptcha protection and replaced it with our own protection method which should not only reduce spam submissions but increase loading speed and be significantly easier to implement for users. Please go to the plugin settings under the ‘Idea Form’ tab and enable the new option: ‘Enable Bot Protection’.


  • styling improvements
  • fixed issue with tag page when using pagination


  • now you can update your user profile from the frontend with the new edit button beside the user image


  • now you can upload a custom user image from your user profile settings ( instead of using the WordPress gravatar which some people don’t understand how to update and it takes longer to update.


  • minor styling bug fixes


  • minor bug fix around display of list items where no ideas would show even though ideas existed under specific conditions
  • minor bug fix around the amount of pages shown in the pagination
  • more forced CSS styling


  • pro feature – now integrate with MailChimp and send voters and idea creators to a list of your choice


  • Made the create idea button on mobile view now inherit the translation in the plugin settings


  • Now you can remove statuses: approved, declined, in progress and completed from the statuses tab in the plugin settings


  • pro feature – now integrate IdeaPush with Zendesk


  • Now ideaboards can be paginated! Please check out the new board setting for this
  • Admin notice is now permanently dismissable
  • Improvements to search


  • New video which runs through the plugin features in the readme file


  • fix for my voted filter not working due to previous update


  • new homegrown tag system
  • pro update – tag suggestion and the prevention of custom entered tags


  • pro update – you can now see a new reports menu item and see the amount of ideas, upvotes and downvotes over time as well as this data for individual users over a given time period


  • Now you can put a board into a container – please see faq for more details
  • pro update – better handling of new idea created idea history item to support backend created ideas
  • improved mobile appearance by reducing the create idea form to a revealable button


  • You can now add custom CSS to the plugin via the design settings tab
  • You can edit email content using a WYSIWYG editor
  • You can now hide a board ideas from showing in the sitewide search by the board settings
  • You can now only make a board accessible to a certain user role


  • Pro update – you can now remove single idea pages from the pro options


  • Image now shows in a popup as oppose to new page


  • New archive template for tags


  • Changes to CSS


  • Improved UI of All Ideas admin page


  • Fixed links to


  • Pro feature – added idea history, internal notes, and ad hoc emails
  • added specification for action hooks for other developers


  • Added close button on search to clear input
  • Re-organised code


  • Improved security by sanitizing and validating inputs


  • Initial launch of the plugin