• This form plugin came with my BoldGrid template. It worked fine under development, but stopped working once the site went public. It failed to submit due to a 403 error from https://softweave.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php. My hosting service tech support told me I needed to upgrade to the paid version to fix the problem. Once I installed the paid version, my form started working again.

    Based on a response to this review, I configured WordPress to send mail via SMTP. This eliminated the need to have weForms PRO activated for form submissions to succeed. I deleted the weForms PRO plugin and the contact form worked fine the rest of the day.

    The next day however, my contact form was again failing to submit due to a 403 error. A wsform troubleshooting article on error 403 suggested this could be caused by page caching. After deleting the cache for my contact form page, the form works again. I’ve excluded the form page from caching, which will hopefully solve this problem permanently.

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    Hi @softweave,

    Thanks for reaching out and we do appreciate your honest review. I’m sorry to hear you had some issues with weForms. When you say the plugin “stopped working” once the site went public can you give us more details on exactly what you mean?

    If it was a matter of the form sending and receiving information it could have been some sort of issue with email configuration at the transfer site. Sending notifications using SMTP may have resolved the issue without a premium purchase.

    If you don’t mind contacting weForms support directly from your Weforms dashboard I’m sure that we can take a look at your specific issue and let you know if the premium purchase was necessary.

    We look forward to assisting you further @softweave!

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    Thanks @brandonco for reaching out to me. Based on your message, I added the SMTP Mailer plugin. After enabling sending WordPress mail via SMTP, my form submits successfully without the Pro version enabled. I will request a refund of the ‘ransom’ I paid for the Pro version.

    Plugin Support brandonco


    Hi @softweave,

    We’re so happy that we we’re able to get this resolved for you and earn your five star review! Please never hesitate to reach back out if you ever have any questions or concerns that you would like for us to review with you!

    Thank again!

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