• I’m testing the plugin, and unfortunately it has some errors like the following:

    – The plugin is not compatible or does not have the possibility to add specific role capabilities

    so modify the following file


    adding the following code

    'capability_type' => 'pl_support',
                'capabilities' => array(
                    'edit_pl_support' => 'edit_pl_support', 
                    'read_pl_support' => 'read_pl_support', 
                    'delete_pl_support' => 'delete_pl_support', 
                    'edit_pl_supports' => 'edit_pl_supports', 
                    'edit_others_pl_supports' => 'edit_others_pl_supports',
                    'publish_pl_supports' => 'publish_pl_supports',
                    'read_private_pl_supports' => 'read_private_pl_supports',
                    'create_pl_supports' => 'edit_pl_supports',

    – If I am creating a tickect, and I only leave the title entered, it generates an error, since the image does not fit

    – also detected an error in the code


    pass this

    $message1 .= __('Hello,','wp-support-ticket') . "\r\n\r\n";


    $message1 = __('Hello,','wp-support-ticket') . "\r\n\r\n";

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    I have noticed that deleting a ticket does not remove the related information. In the tables:

    – wp_support_reply_noti
    – wp_support_reply
    – wp_support_attachment

    Nor is it deleting the files stored in Upload

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    Another error encountered while trying to update settings

    Undefined index: ticket_sc_page


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