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  • First, when I update, instead of updating, it installs a second copy. Then, if I deactivate the V 2.0 copy, the options for adding images & excerpts disappear.

    Deactivating just the new 20120724 version restores options for Images & Excerpts, but does NOT find the images, all images are replaced with a “not available” place holder, also, does not link properly to networked multisite blog.

    If I have both copies enabled, the posts don’t link properly, and the images are still “not available”.

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  • When I have just 20120724 installed, the same posts show for each ID regardless of ID used.

    Plugin Author Angela


    My apologies, the original file was not deleted. I have updated it to version 2.0.1. Please let me know if that fixed this, thanks.

    Now it’s worse. There is no text in the widget telling me what field is what. Also, the Blog ID just lists the main URL 10 times, instead of giving me an ID number or anything.

    Also, it’s not linking to the posts properly, so even tho it is displaying the post titles properly, and not duplicating site 1 in site 2 anymore, you can’t click on the titles and go to the posts.

    And, it’s not using the thumbnails from the posts. Every thumbnail is that “no image found” thing.

    I wish I could use this, but not until it’s fixed. Sorry.

    Plugin Author Angela


    Hi thekytikat,

    You’re running into this issue because I had used a different file name in the original file. Can you try to remove the plugin completely and re-install version 2.0.1?

    Even when I completely delete the plugin & re-install the newest version, I have the same difficulty.

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