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  • Dear all,

    I love to use csv2post plugin, but since there is a plugin that updates 8.0.0 makes me difficult to import data csv. Anyone can help?

    Thanks in advance & b’regards,

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    The new version has many core changes that require existing campaigns to be migrated properly. This does not happen automatically due to the nature of the plugin and a certain change that makes it more complicated in certain blogs.

    If you have updated version 7 with version 8 on a live blog before testing then any posts already created using CSV 2 POST will no longer be managed by the plugin. That can be changed but the tool to do it is not ready. Most users do not update an autoblogging plugin once the campaign is running, to avoid upsetting an ongoing project. So we’re getting away with this so far.

    If your situation is that your .csv file used to work with version 7 or before but no longer works with version 8 it will be due to headers. Version 8 focuses on running more efficiently in terms of PHP and requires the .csv file to have MySQL ready headers. It makes the code easier because we do not need to manage different versions of headers i.e. complex headers need to be simplified for use in the database which does not accept complex headers. That simply means no characters or spaces in your headers. Simplifying them makes them suitable to use in MySQL table names and makes the relationship between .csv file and database table easier.

    If your still not sure and stuck please email who is the author of the plugin. He has endless time for his plugin users.

    Plugin Contributor Ryan Bayne


    If you go to the developers page of any plugin you will find older versions…

    Developers Page

    Here is a link for 7.0.5 which is before the re-development…

    Download 7.0.5

    Plugin Author WebTechGlobal


    Version 8 was released since this comment. Please use that before using 7.0.5 as a couple of new users have done after seeing this post.

    I recommend searching “CSV 2 POST” in your WP admin or downloading here…

    Download Latest Version of CSV 2 POST

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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