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WordPress data import and autoblogger plugin. Unlimited creation and post updating. Tools include spintax, dynamic template selection and lots more.

Unlimited autoblogging with abilities pro plugins offer at a cost. Systematic post creation and updating is now free from WebTechGlobal. Refresh your content constantly with power that is worth money. Free support is available with small donations getting far quicker responses and new features added on demand for your generosity. That does not mean every request needs to come with a donation. All requests are added to the projects workflow so do not delay - contact me today.

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CSV 2 POST offers more for free than any other importer. If you donate to this project you will not only encourage further updates of this project - but you'll be supporting the creation of more WordPress autoblogging and data import plugins. I'm confident you will be impressed at the hundreds of hours I've put into this plugin for you. If you cannot afford to donate - a Facebook like, a review, a short video on YouTube or a Tweet will help just as much. Thank you for your support.

  1. No autoblogging limits at all
  2. Create posts, pages and custom post types
  3. Systematic post updating or do it all at once
  4. Text-spinning (spintax)
  5. Merge multiple .csv files
  6. Functionality exists to change .csv file path during project
  7. Create hierarchical categories
  8. Map category terms in data to exisiting categories
  9. Import custom field meta
  10. Free support from WebTechGlobal
  11. Design your content using WYSIWYG editor
  12. Import pre-made tags
  13. Import images to WordPress media gallery
  14. Customize post titles
  15. Manage .csv files as long term data sources
  16. Adopt existing posts
  17. Premium upgrade option when your site needs it
  18. Generate tags using any text data
  19. Works with most .csv files
  20. Imports data to custom table
  21. Create image attachments
  22. WordPress styled interface
  23. Sandbox design for easy upgrading
  24. No advertising
  25. Help text for every feature
  26. Log system to trace staff or even clients steps great if something goes wrong
  27. More updates planned
  28. Free support
  29. More updates coming
  30. Services available

Requires: 3.8.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-18
Active Installs: 400+


3.3 out of 5 stars


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