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[Plugin: root Cookie] multiple users login

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  • Plugin Author linickx


    Sounds like log out isn’t working; after logging out of wordpress as administrator delete any WordPress Cookies from your browser related to wp.komplementarni-medicina.cz then try logging in as user2?

    (You may need to clear your cookies again to get back in as admin.)

    I will see if the login/out functions need updating for WP 3.0.1


    Plugin Author linickx


    I’ve just pushed a change to make the code more in-line with WP 3.0.3.

    See if that helps?

    This test version is 1.5.1 you can get it either by downloading the Development Version zip from wp.org or get the plugin direct from the trunk.


    Well, I’ve tried version 1.5.1, but the problem persists. With the plugin activated it is not relevant if I have my cookies deleted or not. When the plugin is deactivated, everything goes well.
    I think log out works well – when I log out, I need to log in to get to the dashboard again.
    I still use version of WP 3.0.1 while this one has czech translation, which is necessary for my clients 🙁 Maybe there’s no problem with 3.0.3 but I haven’t tried that.
    I would have sent you the password for admin and user02 (this is only test version of WP) so you can try on your own, but I don’t know your mail.

    Thank you for your help!

    Plugin Author linickx


    How very strange….

    If you look at the source of root cookie, you can see that it is pretty much the same code as pluggable.php in WP.

    All the plugin does is change the PATH associated to set_cookie (all other code is the same); the role or the user is not tampered wit by the plug-in.

    Can you please confirm that your testing has been done with root-cookie as the only active plug-in, and what version of PHP are you running?

    PS. WP3.03 is a mandatory security update, you really should upgrade and then update ur localization 😉

    Well… now, something has changed. It’s not possible to log in by Chrome, so I can’t test that. But when I use IE8 everything goes well even if the plugin is activated. So I think the problem is in Google Chrome…hmmm :/
    PHP version is 5.2.14. As I told you, I can send you passwords, this is only test version of WP.
    Anyway, thank you for your advice, I upgrade to 3.0.3. 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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