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    Is this still a live plugin? I’m getting security warnings that it has not been updated, and am finding suggestions on fora that there are problems in PHP7. It’s currently neatly formatting things on a site I’ve taken over, but if it’s no longer maintained I’ll need to take it off and use manual css instead.

    Given the increasing user/developer awareness of the risks of using out of date plugins and themes, it would be helpful (as well as good for the Woo brand!) to either test and bump versions on plugins that are actually still fine, or fix them, or take them down. Thanks.

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  • Just bumping up this thread; I have exactly the same security notice for an abandoned plugin, although, as far as I can tell, it runs fine under PHP 7.1…

    This does look like it’s abandoned. No updates since last 3 years.

    Maybe it’s an unrealistic assumption, but I find it a bit annoying & surprising that a larger author like WooThemes would just abandon a plugin that still has an active base of 30,000 – OK, a small proportion of their total user base, but it’s not a big/complicated plugin. Surely somebody could take a few hours to check it over, tweak it if necessary, and bump the version… oh well, time to work out exactly what it’s doing and stick it into the child theme I suppose (yawn)…

    This abandonment of plugins (and occasionally themes) is one of the most annoying things about creating and maintaining WordPress sites for me. And clients sometimes get quite tetchy about bills for fixing things that actually still work… or even when they’ve broken cos of dependency on something else that has been updated. I suppose in the world of open source, “don’t grumble, do something about it” applies, and sometimes I do, but I never had any desire or pretentions to becoming a plugin developer (sigh)…

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    I’ll update it next week.

    Thank you! I re-read my previous post, and I’m sorry it was so grumpy. As I say, I’m not a plugin developer, and I really appreciate the skills and hard work of those who are – I wouldn’t have a business (and my clients wouldn’t have websites!) without you all. And thank you, an update (to shut up the annoying and worrying security alerts) will be very welcome 🙂

    Plugin Author Claudio Sanches


    I just bump the version, for now. I’ll check later if there is any issues in PHP 7.

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