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  • When doing this query:

    SELECT option_name, length(option_value) AS option_value_length FROM be8cqhi_options WHERE autoload=’yes’ ORDER BY option_value_length DESC LIMIT 10;

    the first value is plf_queryvars

    The option_value of plf_queryvars in wp_options is huge with autoload yes.
    So it slow down the site instead of making it faster.
    How to clean this plf_queryvars or how to configure better the plugin to avoid this?

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  • Plugin Author enomoto celtislab


    Thanks for the report.

    The data size of plf_queryvars may be large, as you pointed out.
    But I haven’t come up with any good ideas so far to reduce the data size!

    Careful consideration must be given so that other processes are not affected.

    It may take some time, but we will consider taking some action to make the loading time a little faster.

    Plugin Author enomoto celtislab


    The data in the plf_queryvars option was storing unnecessary data, so I removed it to reduce its size.

    Ver4.0.11 has been released, so please try it.

    Thread Starter guaranis


    Wow, I had 178kb on autoload in the plf_queryvars and now less than 3kb with the vars and options. Good job, you have now the best plugin.

    On thing, try to add the word “disable plugins” somewhere in your description because this is the keyword I use to find such plugins and yours was quite difficult to find in the repository.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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