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    I have few web servers with different php versions. Not sure which exactly gonna be a final solution for customer hosting. I’m using your plugins on set of websites and need to make sure that I select proper version of the PHP to avoid any problems with statistics. Do you have some PHP list with exceptions of the versions which not gonna work with your plugin ?

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    We work with all PHP versions that are supported by WordPress (ie if you have WordPress installed, you can use our software). WordPress currently supports PHP versions newer than 5.2.4. We have team members who contribute to PHP core so will always support even additional newer versions of PHP that WordPress might not even support yet depending on the timing between PHP core releases and WordPress core releases.

    We recommend that all users on PHP versions between 5.2 and 5.6 inclusive work on upgrading to PHP 7.0 or newer. This is because WordPress is moving the minimum PHP version to 5.5 starting in May of this year and to 7.0 likely by the end of the year. We will continue supporting PHP versions that even WordPress does not support in case our users need additional time to upgrade. This allows users on modern PHP versions to receive all of the performance benefits, but also allows legacy PHP version users to not have to worry about business-critical statistics breaking. If we ever decide to change those version requirements, like any other change, we always give our users a large heads up in advance.

    For modern web hosting, hosting providers should be putting you on a PHP version of 7.0 or newer, generally 7.2 or 7.3 on new accounts, as this is the industry standard and there are significant speed improvements (as much as 4x) from literally just upgrading a hosting account from 5.4 to 7.3. For existing accounts, most hosting providers are working behind the scenes to automatically upgrade their customers to these versions, though some require you to ask for these upgrades. We would recommend asking for them, as again the speed improvements are massive, and the upgrade takes generally a single button click for the host and a few minutes to run.


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