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  • Hy guys,

    I am trying to import around 30 images, but when check them and click to import it does import only 2 or 3 images at time…

    any idea?

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  • I have a similar issue, one image gets imported then the page redirects to /upload.php?page=add-from-server which doesn’t exist.

    Any ideas?

    I used to use a custom-named directory pretty much wherever I liked it and it functioned beautifully – until now! What’s finally solved my problem is to move the parent directory any name – everything I’ve tried thus far has worked) for AFS into the “Uploads” directory created by the install – and viola! Worls like it did before!…

    I’m not of the type to be able to explain it, or know if that’s actually what fixed it, but ever since even the larger files (podcasts), once they’re uploaded via FTP, AFS put ‘em right in, and fast too!…

    I hope that helps!…

    I also have only about 2-5% of the images importing.
    Chowardart, I don’t understand your explanation of how you solved this.
    I don’t see any Uploads folder inside the AFS plugin’s folder.
    Do you mean that I need to first move all the image files I want to import into the folder path …/wp-content/uploads/ ?
    Then run AFS on the wp-content/uploads/ directory?

    I have the two of the same issues one it keeps trying to redirect me to a page that doesn’t exist and two i have files it just isn’t adding.

    Does anyone have any answers?

    I have ~2,000 PDFs I’m trying to add to the media library, and AFS gives up after about 50 files. No error message, nothing in the logs, just stops. If I try to select everything at once and add, it just sends me back to the top of the page with everything unselected. Would be great to know if there’s some setting that can be tweaked so I can truly bulk-add to the media library instead of 50 at a time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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