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  • It should auto-display using JS. What happens if you refresh the page?

    Sorry, what is JS?

    Javascript, anything happen if you refresh the page?

    No, i tried to backup again, 2 hours ago, its still running it says this:

    Create a backup file of this site’s content and settings


    No export file available for download. Please create one.

    Preparing to backup…Done
    Backing-up /wp-content/…Done
    Backing-up database…Done
    Creating backup directory…Done
    Zipping backup directory…
    Cleaning up…

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

    Hi Dennis,

    It would seem that your backup zip isn’t being created, and therefore neither is your download link.

    Do you know how big the site is you’re trying to backup?


    I was having the same issue, and like John alludes to, space was an issue. I ~thought~ our site wasn’t really all that big. When I had other space issues and our provider increased out disk space, I finally got the zip file created – all 458MB of it.

    hey, mmh its probably big, i dont know. 350 articles, each articles has 5-10 pictures.
    how can i solve that? do I have to talk to the person who hosts my page?

    From the stats you gave I would say you’re using at least 300MB but could be twice that much. It’s all based mainly on the pictures. My database is the smallest thing there compared to the media we’ve uploaded. WordPress likes to create various ‘sizes’ of picture you upload. I looked at two in particular on my site. The first is a 170KB file and WP generated another 172KB in various thumbnails. Another was a much smaller 27KB file and WP generated additional 229KB in thumbnails.

    Talk to your provider and see how much of your disk space is used up. If it is over 50% then I would say you need to look at getting more space. Tell them what you are trying to do and see if you can get the space temporarily just to see how big that file actually gets. One other issue we had is that we were using less than 50% of our space, but we hit the limits of our “quota”. Just because they allocate ‘X’ space to your website does not mean that space is actually available for use by the ‘user’ the web site is running as.

    I asked my provider its 75 GB! 😉
    solved the problem, he does backups every day and can provide the files. so its fine.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

    btw wasnt the size, i had not a limitation.

    wondering what it is, because i couldnt use any of the 3 most common backup plugins


    I’ll build in a little function that will estimate the size and time required to generate your backup.

    Dennis, what on Earth are you doing to make your site that big?!?

    Dear Plugin Author,

    I have installed the plugin on my site and then hit the backup button

    I am getting following:-


    Preparing to backup…Done
    Backing-up database…Done
    Backing-up /wp-content/…Done
    Creating backup information file…Done
    Zipping backup directory…Done
    Cleaning up…Done
    Backup file created successfully. You can download your backup file using the link above

    But there is no link to download the zip file. When I have checked on ftp for zip folder then wp-content/plugins/wp-backitup/backups
    folder are empty means plugin not creating the backup of the file.

    I am using the WordPress 3.6 version. and the space on the server are not the problem I have checked

    I am really appreciate if you can get back me that what is happening there.

    I will be waiting for your reply.

    Thanks in advance.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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