• Does this “?amp=1” have to be added manually? Not automatically inserted on mobile devices. In PageSpeed Insights, too, if not inserted, it does not detect the presence of amp.

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    You can take a look into the source-code of one of your article-urls. There will be automatically added the link-rel-amphtml meta-tag:

    <link rel="amphtml" src="https://yourdomain.com/yourarticle/?amp=1">

    This tag would be seen from search-bots like Google. So if Google decided to cache and index this AMP-URL it would be shown in search-results, if a user uses a mobile device and Google thinks its better to display the amp-version instead the non-amp-version.

    So you havent to add it manually, if you come from Google-Search (and Google had indexed your amp-version).
    If you come from other channels, like direct visit, you have to add it manually.

    If you want to redirect every user only to your amp-version, your have to redirect them to the ?amp=1-url.

    PageSpeed Insights analyze just the url you have inserted. To analyze the amp-version your have to add the “?amp=1”.

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    Thanks for the answer. link-rel-amphtml is indeed automatically added to pages. Thank you for your work – the plugin is very good.

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    Thanks, nice to read! Have fun and stay AMP 🙂

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