• Although the intention of this plug-in is excellent (i.e. make ImageOptim image optimisation available within WordPress), the implementation has huge room for improvement.
    For example, if you use the “Regenerate Retroactive” button (the only button it has) there’s no way to stop the process, or be selective about it, and it gives no data on what it’s achieved with each image. Let’s call it “Very very basic.”. Too basic, for my liking.
    The sum total of what the user is presented with is, winsite example 1
    There are no options to selectively optimise images in the Media library.
    As far as I can tell, the only functionality it has is the above mentioned one-click does them all.

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    Another issue I don’t personally like about this plug-in, is that it renames the images. This broke images loading from Divi theme.

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    Thank you for reviewing.
    I will take your suggestions seriously, and consider it in the next versions.
    Thank you again, and if you have more suggestions I will be happy to hear.

    Thanks AmitT. Keep up the great work.
    To summarise my suggestions from above:
    1) Would be good to have control over which images are retrospectively optimised. A standard WP select box next to each, and select all option, would do the trick.

    2) Best if images are not renamed, as it might break things. Perhaps some users would like that to be a selectable option though. And/or the option to save a renamed backup of the original images. In my case, I have backups of the originals on my computer, so I don’t see much need for that.

    3) It would be good to have some feedback from the plugin as to what has been achieved on each images. Standard stuff really. Like percentage gained on file size, and perhaps a total and average gain noted after the process ends.

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