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    The plugin is asking for PHP mycrypt to be enabled but this extension is deprecated since PHP 7.2 can you provide an updated plugin working with php 7 please?


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  • The same happened to me! .-/ I am trying to install MyCred in a localhost, using XAMPP, and after some hours I discovered this information:

    “Avoiding mcrypt is only half of the advice. The other half: NEVER do crypto in PHP in the first place! It is a very sloppy and most likely insecure enterprise. If you think you need PHP-based crypto to do something, then be advised that this fact is an alarming signal that something about your application design is very wrong. PHP is neither the right tool nor the right environment for cryptography.”


    I have a negotiation blog, and the transfer points funcionality is one of the most important to me!


    Mcrypt is deprecated for php7.1 above, Unable to activate the mycred plugin. I suggest this to be a major bug and hence request you to please fix this issue.

    Cameron Jones


    Interested in any developments on this issue

    Plugin Author myCred


    Hi @chrix22,

    This is to inform you that my CRED bought out by WPExpertsio during this transition phase we would like to ensure all our customers to provide best service and gradually replying to emails, support tickets and custom query. As we are experiencing high volume of emails and support ticket to answers.

    We appreciate your patience and cooperation to make this transition successful.

    Thank you

    WPExperts Support Team

    Plugin Author WPExperts.io


    Hi there!

    This issue has been resolved in the latest update.

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