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  • Really loved this plugin, saw update, updated and now I have a linkalpha button that can’t be removed..

    Quite annoying, disabled plugin.

    I mean I am all for supporting a developer but for it to just be added without me knowing and not able to modify or disable it… not cool.

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  • I also love and use this plugin, and would like to make a small observation to the linkalpha button:
    The Custom Icon url is not working properly…
    and like our friend NewYears1978 the ability to disable it would be nice.

    thank you

    I had to remove the latest version and go back to the previous one because of the linkalpha button. My main menu bar doesn’t display properly with it on. Kinda annoying.

    @newyears1978: completely agreed. It’s kind of disappointing that one of the first “improvements” the new plugin developer did was to add a self-promoting button disguised as an added feature that CANNOT BE REMOVED!

    i want remove linkaplpha button. I deactivet (with disappointed) this plugin. I attend new version. Also My main tab menu bar doesn’t display properly with it on

    i do not care about the button but in my website it doesn’t get aligned with the other buttons! If i change the settings to bottom aligned it gets right but some of the others don’t…

    may i ask if anyone has a backup of the previous version? the new version even influences the whole display of the website…

    Really not keen on this either.

    @daucle: you can find all the previous versions here:

    I’ve also discovered it conflicts with AutoGrid 2.2 but fortunately, I install plugin updates on a dev server first and was able to get the previous version off our live site.

    you can sad me another plugin for share a different URL, linke in Social sharing toolkit?

    Was not a great idea at all. Forced to disable the plugin.

    I reverted back to Version 2.1.4, which is the last version without the Share button. Sorry to say, but shame on you LinksAlpha for not allowing to disable the Share button!

    @miroslav Thanks!

    Used to love this plugin as well…links alpha, really? Sucks. Going back to prior version until I find a replacement.

    Well Gee, guess I wasn’t the only one 🙂

    I don’t even MIND self promotion on a free plugin. I mean after all it is free. But the problem is that the button is ugly, doesn’t match very well and it doesn’t line up, and is non removable or customizable.

    Was going to revert back to old version but found a different plugin instead..
    Everyone else, check out Shareholic.

    See in action here (in my sidebar and bottom of my page)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)
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