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    I am building a page with about fifty separate elements many of which need to be aligned.

    Although the grid and ruler help, I am currently doing the aligning just visually. Is there a better way?

    (Also it would help if I could copy an element, particularly pictures, not just its style. Is there a way of doing that?)

    Or perhaps I should build up my elements elsewhere and import composites. For example, merge in to a single item a button and its title. That would halve my number of elements in plugnedit. What do you think?

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  • Plugin Author Javascript Tech LLC



    Have you tried pulling the blue & pink guides right below the rulers (click and pull into place).

    You can do this with plugnedit with great amount of time and a bunch of luck.

    However the problem is you are trying to create a highly complex page that needs multiple software programs, to be done right.

    In proper web page building to create a item you are trying to create you build one single image of the item and create hot spot mappings.

    Example page of HTML map.

    So basically you need.
    A good image editor like photoshop.
    And a web page editor that will build mappings like dreamweaver.

    Our editor does not build hot spot mappings at this time
    Maybe some time in the next year we will support the option.

    These program a bit expensive and take great knowledge to accomplish the task.

    As far as the duplicate item I think we have that already written into the program, it currently is off because it has not been tested (I will look into it).


    That is really helpful.

    You are right that I can build the graphic better elsewhere.

    Although it looks complicated, I actually only need four hotspots to link to other pages.

    So I will try that.

    I’ll look into pulling the blue and red guides

    Many thanks for your full and quick response

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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