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    I’ve installed the free version of this plug in and have authenticated by google account. Every step works fine but when I click “save” I get a message to say “Invalid UA code”. I’ve tried entering manually which saves but it is not working (I’ve checked with google tag assistant which tells me to install google analytics).

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  • Same here.

    Having similar problem.

    Auto Authentication with Google works and selecting profile works but upon Save get “invalid UA code”

    If I manually authenticate everything works fine and no errors but don’t get the benefits of plugin.

    When I go to view source of page is says the following with no UA code:

    `<!– This site uses the Google Analytics by MonsterInsights plugin v 6.0.11 – https://www.monsterinsights.com/ –>
    <!– Normally you will find the Google Analytics tracking code here, but the webmaster disabled your user group. –>
    <!– / Google Analytics by MonsterInsights –>

    I have recently upgraded site to https but have made all changes in Google console and Analytics.

    Please advise.

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    Same here. What’s the fix, MonsterInsights?

    I’ve been struggling with too and it appears a new version (6.0.11) was released yesterday that has this bug but the previous version (6.0.4) works. https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-for-wordpress/changelog/

    The solution that I have found is to de-activate and delete the current version then install the old one from a download link.

    1. Manually download the previous version: https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/google-analytics-for-wordpress.6.0.4.zip
    2. Menu: Plugins / Installed Plugins / “De-activate” then “Delete”.
    3. Menu: Plugins / Add New / Upload Plugin / Select the file, then Activate.
    4. Then try and authenticate with Google Analytics again.

    After this, WordPress will continue to prompt you to update the outdated plugin. Personally I’m going to wait until another new version (after 6.0.11) has been out for a few days before upgrading.

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    Hi there,
    If you’re getting an error message that says invalid UA code, but the profile is saving (there’s a profile listed on the page when you refresh the settings), ignore the warning. This is happening because you’re likely hitting the save button for the page after authenticating, which is running the manual UA code validation, which will fail as an invalid UA code since none was entered. We will be releasing a new version Monday that doesn’t run the manual UA code validation if you are using oAuth (note you don’t need to save the settings page following oAuth).

    Please note, that if you’re trying to view the UA code on the source code of the page, you need to be logged out to see it by default.

    If you are not seeing a profile on the settings page, next to the button you used to authenticate, please get in touch with us at monsterinsights.com/contact via presale.

    Hi, so if I understand right, then as I can see my UA code as “profile active” then everything is ok? I think I must have been hitting save changes at the end out of habit, as I’ve not much idea what I’m doing!
    Is there a way for me to double check that my Google Analytics account is working properly ie log into something else?

    Many thanks in advance!

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    Hi there,
    That is/was correct. This bug is now fixed in the latest version of MonsterInsights


    I can verify, I was getting the same error.

    Once I updated the plugin, now when I hit save (without changing anything) the error is gone.

    Ok, I’ve tried again and the error message has gone as you say. Thanks for your help!

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    Not a problem!


    Ever since the update a couple of weeks’ ago, I’m unable to get the detailed info of my posts’ Page Views and Sources, beyond the Top 10.

    I’ve tried to Re-Authenticate on the Settings page multiple times, with no luck.

    Insights worked beautifully for me until the latest update and now it’s of no use.

    Can you walk me through a step-by-step as I simply don’t follow what you need me to do?


    Still not working for me even though we’ve updated the plug-in. Would appreciate your help as I need the data.


    @bestclassicbands Instructions to roll back the plugin a couple of weeks are here: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/invalid-ua-code/#post-8847601

    You might want to scan the release notes of the last two releases to make sure there are no bugs with a greater impact than the current problem.

    Plugin Author chriscct7


    > I’m unable to get the detailed info of my posts’ Page Views and Sources, beyond the Top 10.

    It doesn’t sound like there’s actually a bug here. It sounds like you’re authenticated, and you’re just looking for more information than we currently present. Right now we show the top pages/posts for the month, top referring domains, top countries, etc. We’ll be expanding our reporting in upcoming releases througouht the year.

    Note, we do not recommend rolling back versions, as it can lead to unexpected issues with updating back up, particularly as we do not garuntee the upgrade routines to be idempotent.



    Thanks for the note. I’m surprised because before the recent update I was able to find Page Views for every single post on my site, which I’ve come to depend on.

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