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    Installed the plugin via the built-in plugin-installer
    Then i tried the sample described in your_1st_chart.txt
    I got several 404’s.
    This is caused by the fact that the plugin is installed in wp-content/plugins/nvd3-visualizations/ but in the script the location wp-content/plugins/nvd3/ is used.


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  • Hi Faizelh! Have you solved this? Are you running it? Can’t make it work. Please Contact me via f c d . c h a n n e l (at)

    Hi fcdrums,

    Yes I solved it.

    What you need to do :

    1. Go to plugins, NVD3 Visualisations
    2. Click ‘Edit’
    3. Select nvd3-visualisations/nvd3.php to edit
    4. replace $root = 'wp-content/plugins/nvd3/'; with $root = 'wp-content/plugins/nvd3-visualisations/';
    5. replace rootpath = '<?php echo WP_PLUGIN_URL.'/nvd3/data/' ?>'; with rootpath = '<?php echo WP_PLUGIN_URL.'/nvd3-visualisations/data/' ?>';
    6. replace return WP_PLUGIN_URL . '/nvd3/'; with return WP_PLUGIN_URL . '/nvd3-visualisations/';

    Hifaizelh! Still not working..
    Now under some circumstances he says that I need to load JQuery before running this. (As an info message when I open the page)
    Have tried to insert other JQuery scripts, but it won’t work.. 🙁

    Any tips, or help!?? Thankk you!

    Hi fcdrums,

    I had to change the file wpcharts.js in order to get it working:


    OHH Man.. now the demos run, after taking out the info message every time omg…


    <!– Your very 1st data chart on the post / page of WordPress

    Simply, do these steps:

    1. Create new post / page normally on WP.

    2. Copy all all these lines inside it by editing in html mode.

    3. Copy file ‘simpleLineData.json’ from data/ folder into your blog’s root folder.

    4. Save it, preview & enjoy your first own data set’s chart on the blog ! –>


    <h3>My First Own Data Chart</h3>

    <span id=”chart1″></span>


    jsChart(‘1’, ‘simpleLineData.json’, ‘simpleline’, {height:’200′, width:’550′} );


    I wonder If I can hire you to make it run! haha
    No Seriously: I need this thing to pull from a database. Could you do something like that??


    Plugin Author Jouni Santara


    Hi !

    I just updated this tested fix into nvd3.php file.

    Hope it helps you there !

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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