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NVD3 Visualisations

NVD3 visualisations give you tools on WordPress & Drupal 7 to generate impressive business quality charts based on the famous open NVD3 framework

NVD3 visualisations is a full set of visually interactive charts that you can control by simple options.

You can start to create any example chart into your blog and study it more before you decide if that suits for your visual presentation's needs at hand.

This product lets you generate as many copies of different charts on the one page as you wish and scale their size just the way you like case by case.

All the example's input data sets are stored in the same format on data folder so that you can easily copy them and start to use them as a template for your own data's needs.

This package is produced as an example how to bring in high level chart galleries into WordPress CMS and there is no active support available.

If you like it give us some stars on WP plugin site so that others can find it more easily too - thank you ! .

Key Features

  1. Special effects for infographic: embedding background's picts, smooth gradients of colors for data, and shadows.
  2. Full set of all original NVD3's gallery charts (12 types of charts in gallery).
  3. Super easy to illustrate your data sets by picking up template chart from any gallery's examples.
  4. WYSIWYG look of chart on front-end + data editor to populate own data from files.
  5. Chart's picker gives your users many views of the same data set.
  6. Support of JSON/XML or CSV/TSV data input formats.
  7. Smart suggestion of online syntax editor from cloud based on data's type.
  8. Copy&paste data input table from OpenOffice Calc to the automatically updated chart.
  9. Tag any pieces of open page/post and build a new chart for them.
  10. Accurate layout of each chart based on any valid HTML container tag.
  11. Many charts on the same page/post of WordPress from one API / shortcode call.
  12. Many fancy options available to change chart's look & behavior.
  13. Dynamic & direct illustration of any own JavaScript function results.
  14. Visual preview of charts from the NVD3 lib's original CSS style file to let you match blog's theme easily.
  15. Handy calculator letting users to modify chart fast by any basic math formulas.
  16. Localized presentation formats for currency, date, time, etc.
  17. Optional export of data / vector graphics of chart.
  18. Works best with Chrome & Firefox browsers.
  19. WordPress multisite & SSL compatible plugin. .

Data Input

  1. Fast & short input from intuitive fast options (values, labels, and series).
  2. Direct data input from the html tags of document (eq page/post).
  3. Data's import from valid JSON/XML/CSV/TSV file formats.
  4. Standard mySQL input from its any table of values.
  5. Dynamic JSON inputs from any own JavaScript functions. .



This open source distribution contains visualisation libraries from:

Big thanks for these talents by making NVD3 visualisations for WordPress technically possible too.

Requires: 3.3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.8
Last Updated: 2015-5-15
Active Installs: 100+


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