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  • Steffen Voß


    In open-source projects internationalisation is often a neglected field. The first developer is happy to have the project up and the code running. Then people come in who would like to have the UI in their language. Translation starts. And often the first translators set standards for the wording: Is it an addon, a module, a plugin or an extension? The same applies for all areas of the UI and often you end up with a solution that does the job – the code is running. Users basically understand your UI. But after years of working good enough, in other parts of the code reevaluation begins and people start rewriting the code. You rarely see that in translations. The world turns, the web changes, society changes. Is a word still the best word after 10 years? What was called a module years ago would naturally be called “app” today.

    I like the intension of Stringintelligenz, questioning the tradition and breaking it, where it seems suitable. I have to look up, what the permissions and the roles are every now and then. Why not name the roles accordingly? When I edit a user’s permissions why do I have to know what an administrator does or what an editor does? Why not list the permissions in the dropdown? “Write and Release”, “Write, Release and Administer” and so on. This is not only a question of translation. This could be picked up by the Englisch version too!

    BTW: “Open Source is an ideology too…” 😉

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