This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Stringintelligenz [discontinued]


🛑 This plugin is no longer maintained.

Stringintelligenz is a localization feature project that aims to bring inclusive localizations to WordPress.

This plugin swaps language packs for WordPress core with a custom set of language files for a given locale. Currently, the only locale shipping with the plugin is German (informal); WordPress Polyglot teams are invited to contribute experimental versions of their own locales!

Changes in your dashboard when you activate the plugin may be subtle to hardly recognizable. That is by design. If nothing seems to have changed for you, there are mostly two possible reasons:

  • Your locale or user locale is not (yet) supported by Stringintelligenz. In this case, feel free to post on the forums and get involved.
  • The experimental translation shipped with the plugin for your locale has nailed it and made WordPress’ interface more inclusive the smart way. 🙂


  • User list: renamed to “Profile”.
  • A woman labeled as a developer in German.
  • Stringintelligenz applied to the same label.


  1. Install the plugin through the WordPress “Plugins” screen directly, or upload the plugin files to /wp-content/plugins/stringintelligenz.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in WordPress.
    No settings to configure, but make sure you run a supported locale (currently only de_DE) as your site language or user language.


Will the plugin override my language packs for WordPress?

No, your installation remains fully intact. The plugin will load its own language files. When you decide to deactivate it, WordPress will look just as before you installed the plugin.

Will the plugin make all of my website gender-neutral?

No, this plugin only targets the user interface of WordPress core. It will not mess with the content of your website in any way. Translations of other plugins or themes remain unchanged, so you may see inconsitent translations in WP Admin here and there. If you activate the plugin on a website with a supported locale, and you still see e.g. a generic masculinum, it likely comes from another plugin or theme.

Does this plugin introduce “genderized” word endings?

We generally try to use alternative gender-neutral phrasing wherever possible. In German, short forms of male/female can be found mostly on the word Autor/-in. (The single-word string Author is used widely across multiple contexts in WordPress which currently makes it particularly hard to fine-tune its translations.)

Can I use this plugin for client sites?

Absolutely! We’d love to hear feedback from people who use WordPress, but don’t build with it on a daily basis. If you find the plugin appropriate to use on a client site, please let us know how your client received it.

I dig the code, who wrote this?

After this plugin had started out as a fork of Bernhard Kau’s Backend Localization plugin, Thorsten Frommen has contributed the current OOP version.

How can I contribute?

The easiest way for you to contribute would be to just post your suggestions over in the plugin forums. We monitor these forums closely and will definitely reply to any suggestions you make.

Forum posts that aim to criticize the general approach of gender-neutral or gender-sensitive language may or may not get a reply. If you feel enclined to discuss (in whatever form) the general approach of this plugin, please use your own means of publishing, like your blog, but not the plugin forums. Other than that, you’re also perfectly welcome to not use the plugin, of course.

For any questions regarding contribution feel free to shoot Caspar (@glueckpress) a message via WordPress Slack.


Tut, was es soll

Vielen Dank für die Entwicklung dieses einfachen wie nützlichen Plugins. Das tut, was es soll, nämlich die Sprache des WordPress-Backends anzupassen und sie geschlechtergerechter zu machen. Ich benutze Stringintelligenz auf mehreren Seiten. Es läuft stabil und bereitet keine Probleme. Insbesondere auf Seiten mit Redaktionen, der nicht nur Cis-Männer angehören, sondern zum Beispiel Frauen, ist WordPress rein sprachlich betrachtet mit diesem Plugin einfach noch schöner als ohnehin. Ich kann das Plugin sehr gut gebrauchen, danke für eure Arbeit!

Es ist Immer dabei

Das Plugin installiere ich immer auf meinen deutschsprachigen Installationen. Es läuft wunderbar und das Abendland ist daran nicht zu Grunde gegangen.^^ PS: Ich wünsche mir, dass es auch eine SIE Form gibt 🙂


Das Plugin arbeitet tipptopp. Im Review von @pixolin ist das sehr gut dargelegt, meine volle Zustimmung. Ich installiere das Plugin standardmäßig bei allen WordPress-Instanzen, die ich betreue. Herzlichen Dank an den Plugin-Entwickler!

important impulse

In open-source projects internationalisation is often a neglected field. The first developer is happy to have the project up and the code running. Then people come in who would like to have the UI in their language. Translation starts. And often the first translators set standards for the wording: Is it an addon, a module, a plugin or an extension? The same applies for all areas of the UI and often you end up with a solution that does the job - the code is running. Users basically understand your UI. But after years of working good enough, in other parts of the code reevaluation begins and people start rewriting the code. You rarely see that in translations. The world turns, the web changes, society changes. Is a word still the best word after 10 years? What was called a module years ago would naturally be called "app" today. I like the intension of Stringintelligenz, questioning the tradition and breaking it, where it seems suitable. I have to look up, what the permissions and the roles are every now and then. Why not name the roles accordingly? When I edit a user's permissions why do I have to know what an administrator does or what an editor does? Why not list the permissions in the dropdown? "Write and Release", "Write, Release and Administer" and so on. This is not only a question of translation. This could be picked up by the Englisch version too! BTW: "Open Source is an ideology too..." 😉

The aim of this plugin is the Core language – bad idea – too partial

If this would be only a plugin, it would earn 5 stars. Solid working and for all, who need it, it is a good idea. Instead the aim of this plugin is, to change the core language and with this step - as a last consequence - the complete german translation for plugins and themes. Although a few changes in this new translation breaks the german spelling rules and although enough WordPress users dislike the political dimensions, the plugin author does not deviate from this/his aim. If this would be a real "neutral" gender translation, nobody would disagree. But the plugin - as mentioned- breaks spelling rules and more, it emphasizes the gender problems. A compromise, that considers both parties is not in sight. This earns zero/minus points in review. Das Ziel dieses Plug-ins sind die WordPress-Sprachdateien - schlechte Idee- da zu einseitig. Wenn es sich hierbei nur um ein Plug-in handeln würde, würde es 5 Sterne verdienen. Es arbeitet ohne Fehler, und wer es nötig hat, kann es installieren. Stattdessen ist das Ziel dahinter, die Sprachdateien von WordPress zu verändern und - als letzte Konsequenz daraus - sämtliche Sprachdateien aller Plug-ins und Themes. Obwohl einige der Übersetzungen des Plug-ins mit dem amtlichen Regelwerk der deutschen Sprache brechen und obwohl es jede Menge WordPress-Nutzer gibt, die die politischen Dimensionen dahinter ablehnen, weicht der Plug-in-Autor nicht vom Ziel ab. Wäre das Plug-in etwas, das wirklich "neutrale" Genderisierung bringen würde, gäbe es keinen Widerspruch. Aber dieses Plug-in bricht - wie bereits erwähnt, Rechtschreibregeln und es betont die Genderproblematik (Signale, die es beim Lesen immmer wieder vor Augen führen). Ein Kompromiss, der die Interessen beider WordPress-User-Parteien berücksichtigt, ist nicht in Sicht. Das verdient 0 bis minus Sterne.
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  • Prepwork to ship other locales than de_DE in the future.
  • Removed admin notices.
  • de_DE: Verbesserung der Accessibility für Schrägstrich-Kurzformen, wo möglich.


  • Support for user locale (WordPress 4.7), thanks @tfrommen!


  • de_DE: String-Update von WordPress 4.7
  • de_DE: Beidnennung mit Schrägstrich im Singular gemäß Duden-Empfehlung verkürzt: Autor/-in anstatt Autorin/Autor



  • … und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne.