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Hide source code?

  • How do I prevent people from seeing the source code on my sites?

    Can someone provide the right script


    explain exactly where to cut and paste it?

    All help will be truly appreciated.

    Another option is to totally lock down the site so no one can copy anything. (page by page would be nice on this, so I can leave the blog page free for comments by visitors)

    Please advise
    [Personal contact info redacted]

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  • WPyogi


    Forum Moderator

    There is no way to do that – what are you trying to hide?



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    Short answer: you can’t. If you really, really, don’t want people copying your content, don’t publish on the web., Harsh but true, I’m afraid.

    What he said – you can’t do that.

    Sure, there’s scripts that disable right-clicking, but that only stops people who don’t know anything, and makes general users to your site upset. Anyone else can easily get around it.

    So yeah, what ARE you trying to hide?



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    She :)!

    This may be relevant if you want a more detailed explanation:


    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    Why not just buy some copyright?



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    That can be incredibly expensive.

    If you go to http://russbianchi.com you will see a totally locked down site.

    I am attempting to prevent blatant copying of my work. I know that it can be copied without much recourse, but the more difficult I can make it would give me a little peace of mind. Perhaps this is futile, but it p__s me off when someone takes 500 hours of my work and costs, and just copies it.

    Thanks WPyogi, I will look at the article.

    Oops! Sorry Yogi! XD

    And copyright’s not that expensive. I have a colleague that prints off her websites and sends the package to get copyrighted, something like a $30 fee.

    But still, source code can’t really be copyrighted. The *design* can (as far as images, etc go), but the code itself (‘specially when it’s already a derivative of something that’s expressly open-source) can’t.

    If the OP is trying to protect, say, the location of some files, or block people from hotlinking things, there’s other, better ways to accomplish such actions.

    Read the article WPyogi, yup that sucks.



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    much of that site is done in Flash – and the rest can be copied easily.

    “If the OP is trying to protect, say, the location of some files, or block people from hotlinking things, there’s other, better ways to accomplish such actions.”

    Not sure what an OP is, but can you explain further?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    And you can still access that “totally locked down” site’s source code

    All that website does is accuses anyone who right clicks of being a criminal.

    Yeah, that’s not locked down, that’s just using a JavaScript to shut off right-clicking. It’s *seriously* easy to bypass. Maybe the site author feels better having it there, but believe me when I say all it’ll do is make legitimate visitors angry. Anyone who wants the code can simply get it if they really want to.

    And OP means “original poster”.

    Okay, I am a novice at website creation, and I appreciate all your comments. Thanks

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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