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  • Resolved Chris


    As far as I can tell, the Selz buttons (“Add Product” and “Add Store”) disappeared with the latest version of WordPress (with Gutenberg).

    I hope and expect you’ll release a version with a Selz block for Gutenberg. (Please consider this an official feature request.)

    That may take you some time, however. In the meantime, could you please publish the documentation of all the arguments that the Selz shortcode accepts so that I can easily compose my own?

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  • Plugin Author Selz


    Hi Chris,

    We’re testing our Gutenburg version of the plugin at the moment so it will be released soon.

    You can install the classic editor plugin for now to use the current plugin. Sorry, I know this isn’t ideal but many plugins are in the same boat right now.


    OK. Thanks for the quick reply.

    BTW: I used the classic editor to create a cheat sheet that I can use to create shortcodes that can be used with Gutenberg’s shortcode block. If someone else comes to this thread with the same problem before you release the next version of the plugin, maybe this can be of help:

    Attibutes for the [selz] shortcode

    • link: URL to product or store
    • type: button | widget
    • action: add-to-cart | buy | view
    • interact: modal | blank – for actions add-to-cart or buy
    • button_text: Custom string
    • style: price-right | price-left | price-above | price-below
    • auto_width: boolean (true | false) – for buttons
    • fluid_width: boolean (true | false)
    • show_description: boolean (true | false), for widgets
    • width: integer (number of pixels in width)
    • show_logos: boolean (true | false)
    • background_color: (button background color) hex code, incl. #
    • text_color: (button text color) hex code, incl. #
    • chbg_color: (checkout background color) hex code, incl. #
    • chtx_color: (checkout header text color) hex code, incl. #
    • link_color: hex code, incl. # – for store

    [selz link="" type="widget" action="buy" interact="modal" button_text="Do it!" width="400" show_description="true" show_logos="true" background_color="#333333" text_color="#ffffff" chbg_color="#333333" chtx_color="#ffffff"]

    Plugin Author Selz


    Thank you Chris, that is awesome of you to do that.

    Plugin Author Selz


    Hey Chris,

    We just pushed v2.0.0 which has support for Gutenburg and WP 5.0+. Let us know if you have any questions.


    Thanks. Looks good. Looking forward to trying it out. 🙂

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