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  • Nice job. You nailed the basic functionality needed.

    1) Option whether last name initial or full last name is displayed to other visitors
    2) Option to sign up for multiple tasks at once (e.g. checkboxes to select tasks)
    3) If visitor is logged into WordPress, store signup fields and auto-populate those fields. Enable logged-in visitor to cancel or edit signups.
    4) Customize text in auto response email, preferably with variables

    Thanks! Rod

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  • Plugin Author DLS Software Studios


    Hi Rod,

    Thank you for the suggestions. I have added them to our wish list and will try and post an update here if any of these get added onto future versions.


    Also, the name of the person who signed up should be in the confirmation email, not just the email address. Some families share email addresses. Thanks

    Allow me to pop in here and bump up the feature request on the ability to tie-in already signed in users. Having the ability of a signed in user to merely “click” on a sign-in slot would be very helpful. In some cases, where there are multiple events throughout a year, having to refill out that information every time gets tedious. Just by being signed in and then clicking on the slot in an event to autopopulate that information would be extremely helpful and efficient.

    Otherwise, this is an awesome plug-in that has already saved tons of time and work for us.

    Also, allow me to throw one more into the mix that has come up today as we were setting up the plugin on a site.

    The ability to assign someone (or an email address) per category when it comes to the BCC emails. If we have Event A with Host A and Event B with Host B, then the way it is setup now, all confirmation emails and reminder emails go to whatever address is listed in the field or to the default from the General settings. Host B doesn’t need to get those emails that really should go to Host A.

    In that regard, does anyone at all get an email when someone cancels a sign-up? That way a coordinator/host knows that a spot has opened back up?

    We’re loving this thing. Just want to throw in some ideas that might be useful.

    In addition to the great suggestions by by others above, I have 3 requests:

    1) Send an admin email including the volunteer’s field data… There is a distinct possibility that not everyone who needs access to this information will either have WP admin access OR if there are last minute changes – then at the very least the email will arrive to those who need to know. This doesn’t need to be anything fancy – just an email sent to the admin email in the settings saying:
    name, email, phone # (address for those who use that) signed up for OR cancelled – Signup Date, & Slot (status of the number of current open slots would be a cool thing). I sent you an email from your website about a week ago with this request – I own the Pro version.

    2) Allow a customization of text in the notification email to the volunteer My clent wanted me to tweak the email sent to the individual who signs up – changing the language just a bit in the cancel option an , and I was able to do this in the mail.php file to change the cancellation language and remove the email link in their case, but obviously with an update that will be overwritten… If there would be a way to either pop changes to the email templates into a “child theme” or options for this in the set-up menu, that would make this pretty perfect

    3) Include the ability to add “time” – start / end to each signup already tied to date – this would enable setting up shifts.

    Thank you so much! Great plugin.

    Plugin Author DLS Software Studios


    Good news! Some of the feature requests mentioned in this thread are now a part of Sign-up Sheets Pro

    • Option whether last name initial or full last name is displayed to other visitors (requested by rodbauer)
    • Option to sign up for multiple tasks at once (requested by rodbauer) … NOTE: while not exactly implemented as requested, there is now the ability to let the user check a “remember me” checkbox that will remember their vital information (name, email, phone, address) on future sign-ups during their visit on your site. This should at the very least help reduce a lot of extra typing for the user.
    • Customize text in auto response email, preferably with variables (requested by rodbauer and pengie5696) … NOTE: the confirmation email is now customizable with variables
    • Granular BCCs (requested by scarletcarnival and pengie5696) … NOTE: The latest version now allows for setting a BCC per sheet in additional to the global BCC. In addition, you can set a “Status Email” to be sent when a sign-up changes that will send a full look at the entire sheet via email to the addresses designate.
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