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    I also got this Fatal error message. I saw yoiur previous post on your other thread and followed you to this thread… I hoped this was solved already. 🙁

    Edit wpuf_edit_user.php and change wpuf_user_edit_profile_form() to show_form().

    Fixed this a while back in the development version

    Thankyou, that worked. It really should be added to the release version.



    @professor99 This is great there is a fork of WP User Frontend! I just followed some of your links and read quickly some of the work going into this. So is this the only avtive linbk for the form?

    Is the fork part of WP’s plugin repository yet, or are there plans for it?

    I was going to hire a developer this week to start a fork, but I will instead look at your version first and see if it can be used instead for our dev purposes.

    Hi WPChina

    There are currently 3 forks of WPUF happening.

    Tareq (the originator) is working on a new version that updates the customization features and uses an entirely new interface that makes customization a breeze and adds the capability of multiple customized forms. This isn’t yet up on the net.

    gpspake has also done a fork that looks at a few things.

    We are all collaborating and we currently are of the opinion that the current custom fields implementation complicates things too much and Tareqs new customization methodology addresses this. So we are considering breaking things into two and having a basic version ( without custom fields that satisfies most users and is easy to use), and a Pro version (that allows complete customisation and multiple forms).



    @professor99 is there someplace where all the discussions for the forks are open and in one place yet? I’m glad some of these changes have been effected and the plugins are developing.

    I am hiring a dev to work with me this week on some modifications and bug fixes and depending on the path the new WPUF project takes I may be able to donate our changes to your project if they gel together. My changes focus on the payment and edit screens and also include Theme My Login plugin to add some more profile and registration functions and security too.

    The discussion for the forks are here in the WPUF WordPress support forum (as you have seen) generally connected to the problems they are addressing due to the need for feedback. This is unlikely to change.

    I do ask for people experiencing problems with my fork to reply on the fork page as it’s one I automatically receive replies and it helps others that may be experiencing the same problem.

    Most of our discussions are open and here in the forum with heavy details and code passed though emails (as the WordPress moderator likes it short sharp and sweet).

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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