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  • The plugin works fine on all the tables in my database except the options table. On that I get the “An error occurred processing your request. Try decreasing the “Max Page Size”, or contact support.” error message. I have deactivated all other plugins, reduced the Max Page Size to 5000 and increased the php memory to 512m. This is a local development environment running under DesktopServer.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Same issue on a VPS, reduced Max Page Size to 10k, then 5k, then 1k. Doubled following php.ini values: memory_limit to 512M, max_input_vars to 3000, max_input_time to 480, max_execution_time to 480, post_max_size to 64M.

    Only on wp_options table (size of 3.52M).

    Same here, decreased the max size page to the minimum as they suggest, i cant change anything

    Same problem in a wp_options table. Php 7.3, 512M memory, input time 120″. Strange error in logs:

    31544#0: *1483 recv() failed (104: Connection reset by peer) while reading response header from upstream

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    It would be good to get a response from the developer. I wonder if it is in the ‘too difficult’ pile.



    i have just had the same issue, first time ever, have even tried other plugins and they all have the same issue, anyone found a solution?


    Hi Guys, i’m not a technical person at all, but this is what i’m having to do for now:

    Make sure PHP is set to 7.1 before you migrate a site to the domain name
    Carry out better search replace and it processes the wp_options file with no issues
    Change to PHP 7.2

    This worked for me, however, if you change your domain to PHP 7.1 and try to run better search replace it still don’t work, i have to migrate my sites to my server set to PHP 7.1 for it to work, i cannot change it, this does not work, hoping the plugin support can offer a solution, ps, the same thing happens with other search and replace plugins too… šŸ™‚

    I changed from PHP 7.0 to 7.2 and it fixed the issue for me.

    Hi All, i’ve been having this issue with all sites on PHP 7.2 or higher, other search replace plugins had the same error, i now use wp migrate db to do the search and replace function and it works great, i love better search replace and have always used it, but cannot get any answers or help on the issue, lots of other users having the same issue on facebook forums, please let me know if this has worked for you too… šŸ™‚

    Inspired by @stephenturner , I changed the php version to 7.1 and it worked. šŸ™‚

    Thxs a lot @stephenturner changed php version 7.2 to 7.1 and worked!

    Thank you @stephenturner changed php version to 7.1 and worked!



    Although it’s an older issue I came up to it yesterday. Instead of upgrading/downgrading my php version I had to delete Duplicator plugin,which seems to block the wp_options table somehow. I came accross this solution because neither WP Migrate DB worked for me and on their boards they suggested it!

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    delete Duplicator plugin

    Thank you @piedi for the solution.

    I migrated using duplicator and although it was disabled but somehow was causing issue in options table. its all good after removing it and love for better search and replace remains intact <3

    @piedi Thank you for the catch there. That is the exact issue I was having and deleting Duplicator fixed my issue. Duplicator was disabled but still blocking this table. After I deleted it. Worked like a charm!

    Thanks so much for sharing the solution!

    @piedi Thanks for the solution. In my case I didn’t have to delete Duplicator, just disable it, that way I could use Better Search Replace without problems.

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