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    Hello, once again compliments on the great plug-in. I have been trying to upload all my vectors to my micro-stock site but I find myself having to convert svg & pdf files to eps which takes up many times more space. Some of my eps files are 30mb in size where the pdf was only ~800kb. Can I ask why it is specifically only eps files that are allowed as vector format? A pdf option would be much better and this works with imagemagick also. If I keep uploading such large files it will use up all my bandwidth as I am on shared hosting with diskspace & bandwidth quotas.


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    We will add PDF support in the next release.

    For now, you can edit tools-ftp and scroll down to ss_get_media_type and add:

    $filetype == ‘application/pdf’


    $filetype == ‘application/x-pdf’

    as file types for vectors. You may also find the mime type for SVG and add it if it is not already there.

    Thats great, that will make a big difference for me, thanks very much!!

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