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Symbiostock - Sell Your Images!

Symbiostock allows artists, illustrators and photographers to sell their photographs, videos and stock images online quickly and easily.

Ever thought about monetizing all those great travel photos? Just can't get enough of taking shots of delicious foods? Well, now instead of just storing all these images on your phone or computer, you can showcase them and actually sell them to magazines and bloggers using Symbiostock!

The Symbiostock download on WordPress is Symbiostock Lite - Symbiostock Lite is for basic use. Symbiostock Pro is a free, fuller plugin with much more features - to make full use of the Symbiostock plugin, please download Pro via the link below.

For all the advanced features, including custom watermarks, licensing, protected downloads and more, download the Symbiostock Pro upgrade for free!

Check out the Symbiostock demo site to see Symbiostock Pro in action.

Pro vs Lite

Symbiostock Lite is a WooCommerce extension that allows you to upload JPEGs that will automatically be watermarked and added to WooCommerce as a digital product. Once installed, you will see a new 'Upload Media' tab under your WooCommerce products header. Once uploaded, an image will be added as a digital product in draft mode, ready to be purchased and downloaded by customers.

Symbiostock Pro is a free upgrade to Lite that offers advanced licensing, image manipulation, and other features, including the option of uploading videos, illustrations and vectors, with optional agency distribution and more. Symbiostock Pro is a full application that allows both professionals and amateurs alike to easily upload and automate the entire management of their online media store. It also allows you to include your media in Symzio, the first contributor controlled agency.

Please remember that Symbiostock Lite products are not compatible with Symbiostock Pro, so it is advisable to upgrade to Pro right from the get-go.

Fully Automated

Once your WordPress site is online and Symbiostock has been installed, all you have to do is upload photos and Symbiostock does the rest. Licensing, pricing, even delivering protected content to customers is all done automatically and all you do is one-click upload.

Pro only

Symbiostock Hosting

Perhaps one of the most powerful features provided with Symbiostock is the hosting service created by the developers themselves. As Symbiostock bridges that gap between website and photo/video software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, it requires quite a bit of processing power which many web-hosts are unable to provide. Symbiostock Hosting provides high-end, cutting-edge hosting at competitive rates to eliminate any issues users may encounter with other hosts.

Symzio Integration

In addition to selling all your stuff on your own WordPress site, you can also become a Symzio contributor and all of your Symbiostock media will automatically be included and displayed for sale on Symzio.com. Symzio connects all member Symbiostock sites together to provide customers one simple front end where they can search all the hundreds of Symbiostock sites at once, and make purchases in real-time.

Pro only

Large Community

Via the Symbiostock Forums you can meet other Symbiostockers, ask questions and provide assistance to others. Showcase your site and network with others. Even the Symbiostock developers often interact on the official forums. Once you join Symbiostock, you're part of the Symbiostock family!

Technical Features

  • FTP & Web Uploads. Upload all your images via FTP or a browser.
  • Imagick & GD Support. Use either Imagick or the built in PHP GD library for image processing.
  • Automatic thumbnails. All your images are protected via your custom watermark and thumbnails are automatically created.
  • Fully supports Vectors. With Imagick, you can sell vectors as both vectors and raster images.
  • Custom delivery format. Choose JPEG, PNG, GIF or others for customer downloads. Symbiostock converts everything automatically.
  • Robust licensing. Create your own licenses, edit pricing and licensing individually or globally using powerful filters.
  • Secure downloads. All image downloads are protected, files hidden from public view. Decide how many times, and for how much time, images can be downloaded once purchased.
  • Bulk editing. Change titles, descriptions, tags in bulk.
  • Full Metadata support. Symbiostock reads metadata when importing media and can write all your changes back to media. Converts your WordPress install into a full metadata editor.
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme. As Symbiostock is built on WordPress, you can use ANY WordPress theme and it will work beautifully with Symbiostock.
  • EU VAT Supported. With optional third party plugins, works to charge correctly, collect evidence, and even allow business customers to be exempted under the new EU VAT regulations.

Pro only


All support is performed on Symbiostock.org in our forums. You may also submit custom support requests via our premium support system.

Premium Add-ons

Symbiostock Hosting The most powerful WordPress hosting on the web today. With one-click installs, custom domains and email addresses, if you want to get up and running as soon as possible for under $10/month, go with Symbiostock Hosting. Nearly all technical issues surrounding using Symbiostock are server related - with Symbiostock Hosting, all those issues are eliminated.

Symbiostock Express Our customized, responsive, mobile-friendly Symbiostock theme. Highly customizable, this is used by a majority of Symbiostock users. Symbiostock Express demo.

Symbiostock Video Adds full video support to Symbiostock. With the Symbiostock Video plugin, you can upload videos directly to Symbiostock just as you would images. Previews are created with your custom watermark and it is fully compatible with the Symbiostock Submitter plugin.

Symbiostock Submitter Powerful addition to Symbiostock that automatically submits all your new media to stock agencies such as Adobe Stock and Shutterstock. Streamlined so all you have to do is upload your media, keyword it, and the system automatically does the rest. Requires that the agency support FTP uploads.

Pro only

Constant Innovation

Symbiostock is constantly being improved, so keep up to date by joining our forum and introducing yourself.

Requires: 4.0.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 500+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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